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When I started my first website, I didn’t know anything about the online world. Hosting, domain, php, htaccess, dns, plugin, wordpress, and so many others were all meaningless words to me.
I didn’t know what a DNS was. I didn’t know the difference between hosting, domain, and website. I didn’t even know what WordPress is. I spent countless hours searching the internet, reading and asking questions. Most of the time, I found no one willing to simply answer my “stupid” questions. I had to research more and read more. I felt overwhelmed by the mountains of information you can find online.
I’m still learning. Many things are clearer to me now, and I want to pay it forward to people who, like me, are struggling to find a complete and easy guide for beginners to the seemingly nonsensical terminology of the online world.

Why create a Glossary?

I receive dozens of emails every week from people who are like I used to be. They ask for advice, how to solve a problem, which hosting company is best, how to move a website to another hosting company, which plugin to use for sharing content, how to monetize a website, etc. I reply to every email. ALWAYS.
This process takes a great deal of time. I noticed that most questions are the same, again and again. So from this, I got the idea to make a short and easy guide/glossary where you can find and familiarize yourself with many basic “technical” terms that sometimes sound like gibberish.


Amazon affiliate:

Also known as Amazon associates. Affiliate marketing program from the retail website Amazon. This program gives a reward every time someone buys an item through an affiliate link. It is an effective way to monetize a website. Each Amazon website (amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk, and etc.) has its own affiliate program for which you should apply depending on your target country (eg., US = amazon.com, UK = amazon.co.uk).


Web hosting company. Provides hosting for websites. Bluehost is among the 20 largest web hosts and is one of the most popular in the WordPress community.


Also known as Content Management System. Software that helps you build a website. WordPress is the most popular CMS. Other CMS include: Drupal, Joomla!, and ExpressionEngine. In every-day terms, a CMS is like the material used to build a house. It can be made with wood (WordPress), bricks (Drupal), or steel (Joomla!).


Small piece of data that, when visiting a website, is stored on your computer as a txt file. Information such as your username and password is stored in this file so that when you browse the same website again, you don’t have to re-enter the information.


Web-based hosting control panel. Place where you can EASILY manage your websites, email accounts, backups, and files that are on your hosting (server). Starting point for building a website. From here, you can decide which CMS to use to build a website.


Also known as Cascading Style Sheets. Language that defines how users see a website’s content. The file “style.css” in WordPress controls formatting instructions for pages generated by WordPress (that are HTML files). These instructions tell your browser how content should appear (layout, colors, fonts, position, alignment, etc.).


Organized collection of data. The telephone book is a database of names, addresses, and telephone numbers. In WordPress, a database is a file that contains all website’s data. It usually ends with .db, and it is best left undisturbed. Don’t mess with it.

Dedicated hosting:

Also known as dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, managed hosting service. Type of internet hosting. In dedicated hosting, a single client leases an entire server without sharing it with anyone else. It is usually more expensive than shared hosting, (fees start at $229/month), but it is also more flexible. It is like renting a villa all for yourself.


See domain name.

Domain name:

The nice name used to identify a website. Every website has an “internet address” called “IP address” that is a string of numbers and difficult to remember. A domain name is an easy-to-remember name for the website’s IP address. A famous domain name is www.google.com, while one of its IP addresses is

Domain registrar:

See domain name registrar.

Domain name registrar:

Also known as domain registrar. Place where you can buy a domain name. Namecheap and GoDaddy are domain name registrars. SiteGround is a hosting company AND a domain name registrar that provides one free domain with its hosting packages. You can easily change your domain name registrar.


Also known as Domain Name System. System that connects the domain name with the IP address, a kind of human-to-web translator. When I type “www.google.com” in a URL bar, DNS will translate it to

EPP transfer code:

Also known as EPP key, Auth Code, Authorization Code. Code required when transferring a domain name from one domain registrar to another that helps prevent unwanted domain name transfers. It is held by the current domain name registrar and can be found on the registrar’s website or by contacting them.


Also known as File Transfer Protocol. Protocol used to transfer files from one computer to another. It could be used to transfer files from your computer (home computer) to the server (hosting). You’ll need an FTP client software to use the FTP.

FTP client:

Software for using the FTP. With this software, you can connect to an FTP server and navigate to the server’s folder (similar to how you navigate on your computer). Filezilla is an example of an FTP client.

Google AdSense:

Advertising program with Google. Allows publishers to display ads on your website’s pages. You can earn money by displaying these ads on either a per-click or per-impression basis. More info here.


Also known as web hosting. Virtual space provided by the hosting company (such as Bluehost or SiteGround) where a website’s files and database are located. Hosting can be shared or dedicated. Shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. Hosting is like a virtual house where your website lives.


Also known as .htaccess, hypertext access. Configuration file placed on the server or in the root directory (main directory) of your WordPress site. To see and modify this file, you’ll need to use an FTP client. It is best to not mess with this file if you don’t know exactly what to do.


Short for HyperText Transfer Protocol (http://). Protocol to view web pages, used by the World Wide Web to exchange data between your browser and a website.


Also known as HTTP over TLS, HTTP over SSL, and HTTP Secure (https://). More secure version of HTTP. All data exchanged are encrypted. In your browser, you can see a green lock in the URL bar to the left of the website’s name when the website supports encrypted communications. This adds a layer of protection to the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.


Or keywords (similar to long-tail keywords). Specific word or group of words used to attract users to a website. A keyword or keywords or long-tail keywords must be placed in specific areas of the web page to be effective for SEO.

Long-tail keywords:

Group of keywords usually used to target a more specific audience. “Quickstart Glossary For WordPress Beginners” could be a long-tail keyword, more specific than the keyword “Quickstart Glossary”.


(As website migration) Also known as website transfer, move a website. The act of transferring a website from one hosting company to another. Here’s an article about migration to a new hosting company. SiteGround offers this service for free for one website and charges $30.00 for each additional website, Bluehost charges $149.99 for up to 5 websites.

Name Server(s)

Also known as nameservers, is an application that translates IP addresses to the more simple and easy to remember domain names. For example, in the computer language, www.google.com is It is easier to remember “google” rather than “”.


Online money transfer and payment service, one of the most reliable it offers free bank accounts for the three main currencies: USD, EUR, and GBP. With Payoneer, you can accept payments from more than 200 countries and pay or withdraw in your local currency using its free MasterCard. It is ideal if you’re doing Amazon affiliateGoogle AdSense, or any business where you have to deal with different countries/currencies. More info here.


Piece of software that adds specific features or functionalities to another software. Plugins are popular and often necessary in WordPress. Plugins allow you to build a professional website without the need to learn coding. Many plugins are free.


Also known as communications protocol. Is a system of rules and conventions for communication between devices. There are many different kind of protocols. (see HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSL, TLS)


Also known as Search Engine Optimization. Practice or method used to optimize a website or website page to rank higher in search results. The higher your site ranks on a search results page, the more visitors it will receive.

Shared hosting:

Also known as shared hosting service. Type of internet hosting. In shared hosting, a single client shares a server with other clients. It is usually the most affordable type of hosting with rates between $3.95 to $14.95 per month (SiteGround prices). Shared hosting is the most common choice for bloggers, small businesses, landing pages, and portfolio websites. Some hosting companies offer high-quality shared hosting. In everyday words, it is like renting a room in a house with other roommates.


Web hosting company and domain name registrar, provides high-quality shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and domain names. Its 24/7 support is insanely fast. Letskillthenoise.com is proudly hosted on SiteGround.


Also known as Secure Sockets Layer (see also TLS). Cryptographic protocol that secures information exchanged between a browser and a website. It also provides certification, identification, and other information about a website. Letskillthenoise.com is using the free Let’s Encrypt SSL. You can click on the green lock beside the URL bar to see details. An SSL positively affects your website’s ranking in search results.


Also known as Top-Level Domain. Last segment of the domain name (eg., .com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz).


Also known as Transport Layer Security (but most frequently referred to as SSL). Cryptographic protocol that secures information exchanged between a browser and a website. (see also SSL)


Also known as Uniform Resource Locator, web address, website address, is composed by protocol (eg., https://), domain name (eg., www.letskillthenoise.com/), file name/page name (eg., quickstart-glossary). Combined result: https://www.letskillthenoise.com/quickstart-glossary


Also known as web site, site. Collection of web pages accessible via the Internet.

Website address:

Also known as URL. (see URL)


Sometimes abbreviated as WP. Free and open source CMS. It is the most popular website platform and the easiest to use.


This glossary is constantly updated. Come back often to see what’s new!
If you would like to know about something not listed here, please leave a comment or contact me.

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  1. JP

    BOOKMARKED! Thank you for this simple easy and quick guide and all the other valuable info you provided on your site! Lets Kill The Noise is a lifesaver!
    If I come across other terms that I’m not so sure of / take a long time to comprehend…I’ll drop you a comment! Have a great day!

  2. Therese Roth

    My goodness, fabulous, this is bookmarked!
    Maybe I’m a slight bit further along right now, than the starting time you described, but I know I’ll be referencing this A Lot!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Thank you Therese,
      let me know if you’d like to add something at the list, even if now you know the terms, it could help someone else 🙂

      1. Therese Roth

        Thanks very much, Alessio, I’ve a sneaky feeling that I still have loads to learn myself from the list, but I will definately submit additions once I’m at the level to do so☺

        Again, thanks! – T

        1. Alessio Post author

          You can send me a message with terms you’re not familiar with and I’ll try to give you an easy and simple explanation.
          Good luck with your website !


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