Noise Cancelling Headphones – What You Should Know About

Are you looking for some noise cancelling headphones?Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Here you can find reviews of the latest and best products in the market. Everyone likes to hear music or audiobooks as if they are at home alone, maybe sitting on a comfy sofa with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Bad news is we still don’t have the technology to bring your couch with you on the metro or on a plane. But Mr. Technology can make you feel “home alone” even with hundreds of people around. How? With something called noise cancellation (NC). In this site there are also a few tips about other methods on how to kill the noise around you.

How does it works

Noise cancelling (NC) headphones are working on a simple base. They make some noise to kill other noise. It seems crazy but I swear it is true. The mechanism is quite easy to understand if you know what a sound wave is. If you don’t, a sound wave is the way how the sounds move into space. You can imagine a sound wave as the wave created in the water when you throw a stone. The stone hitting the water is your source of sound. The sound wave will travel into the space (can travel in different way through any medium such air, water or any other solid or liquid medium) until reach your ear. The NC headphones will make the same kind of sound wave but 180 degrees out of phase. Sound Wave Noise CancellingSo the new sound wave will “kill” the noisy wave and you will hear… well, nothing! This is called Active Noise Cancellation. See Wikipedia for more information.

The shapes

Headphones come in many different shapes. In-ear, on ear and over ear are the most common categories. For the noise cancelling matter the two categories that I will consider are the in-ear and over ear. This two are the best fit that can help to reduce the noise also with their shape. Using the body of the headphones to block out the noise is called Passive Noise Isolation. noise cancelling headphonesThe in-ear shape is the best for isolating passively the environmental noise because they engage directly in the ear canal sealing your eardrum from the outside. The over ear, also called circumaural headphones or full size headphones, enclose completely your ears with the earpad. This will isolate the noise from the outside. I’ll write an article about the pro and cons of both of the shapes soon.

Choosing the right one

As usual you can find many products with many prices. I review all the products available in the market if they worth it. Sometimes you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a good product. However other times, you’ll need to spend some money in order to have something that satisfies your needs. All the reviews that you can find here are up-to-date and will help you during the difficult process of choosing. You can also request, comment or suggest new products using the comment form below, the “Contact Me” form or directly email me at

In conclusion, here you can find all the tools to help you do the right purchase. You don’t have to be a sound engineer to pick the perfect NC headphones. Just choose the shape that you are more comfortable with, the budget that you can afford and that’s it! I’m sure that with the suggestion in this site, you’ll not regret your new pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Take a look at the site, read the latest articles or reviews and leave a comment. I love to hear from you, any opinions and suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Noise Cancelling Headphones – What You Should Know About

  1. Scott

    Thanks for your site. I’ve always been fascinated by how noise-cancelling headphones work. Nice explanation! I like the idea of creating a little bubble of quiet to listen to my music. I’ll have to check out some of your reviews to see which one would be best for me. Something portable, probably.
    ~ Scott

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hey Scott!
      If you want portability go beyond the shadow of a doubt on BOSE QC21i (this is the version for the iOS, if you are using other devices go for the QC21).
      Usually Noise Cancelling doesn’t go with portability, but this are in-ear headphones with one of the best NC ever. Hope I’ve been helpful. 😀
      ~ Alessio


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