How To Move Your Site From Wealthy Affiliate To Another Hosting

How To Move Your Site From Wealthy Affiliate To Another Hosting

There are many reasons why you want to move your website from Wealthy Affiliate to another hosting.

Whatever your reasons are, this guide will provide you the information about how to move EASILY to another host and without losing any of your data. I was a Wealthy Affiliate member and at one point I had to leave. So I myself did this process without any guide. I did a couple of mistakes that took me days to settle. I’m going to teach you how to save time (and headache), avoid those mistakes I made and go smoothly through this process.

While you may find a lot of info and tutorial about moving your website from a host to Wealthy Affiliate, you will not find so easily information about how to move FROM Wealthy Affiliate to another host.

UPDATE November 2018: Bluehost is charging $149.99 for the migration service, therefore, some steps on this guide are discontinued. Luckily other hosting companies are offering the same migration service for free. Read more about it here –> How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple (and Free)

First of all: DON’T QUIT WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Not for now. Don’t even delete your preapproved payments on PayPal.

Secondly: DON’T CHANGE ANY DNS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it will be clearer later.

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Let’s start!


Chances are 99% of you guys are using WordPress. recommended Bluehost as the first choice. Bluehost recommended by WordPress

I would recommend the same. Even if Bluehost could be a cheap domain hosting, it has a good 24/7 Chat Support that will help you if any problems will occur.

The starter Bluehost offer is $3.95/monthBluehost Starter and Plus Offer New and that includes:

  • unlimited domain hosting
  • unlimited hosting space
  • unlimited file transfer
  • unlimited email accounts
  • free domain name
  • free site builder
  • free instant set-up
  • $50 coupon to spend on marketing offer (like Google Adsense)




Two plans to start with:
Bluehost Blogger Plan

starter basic – discounted rate of $3.95/month

plus – discounted rate of $6.95/month

If you can spend a little bit more there is one plan that is optimized for WordPress. It comes with several enhancements that will make your WordPress site faster, safer and WordPress-ready. Prices starting at $12.49/month – discounted rate.

Check Availability



Now that you have purchased your new hosting (if you didn’t, go back and do it first!), it is time to backup your old website.

There are many ways to backup a website. The best one is to use the plugin called ManageWP.

Enter as usual into your website and from the dashboard press: 

Plugins → Add New → Search for ManageWP → Install now

ManageWP WordPress Plugin

When the installation is done, activate the plugin and press on ManageWP in the banner at the top of the window

ManageWP Banner

This will redirect you to the official website where you want to put your email and follow the instruction. It’s FREE and will save you a lot (a loooooot) of hassle.

If you followed the instruction and everything went fine, you will see your site on the side panel.

ManageWP Dashboard


 Now it’s time to set up your new website on Bluehost.

UPDATE: BlueHost is now offering a paid migration service for $149.99. Since this guide was referring to their official guide that is not available anymore, I strongly recommend you to use SiteGround that comes with a FREE migration service. Read more about this here.

After login to your Bluehost account, you can follow the official guide from here and stop at the chapter Changing the URL”.

This will teach you how to install WordPress and set up ManageWP in the new hosting and migrate safely the data from the old hosting (in this case Wealthy Affiliate hosting) to the new hosting (Bluehost).


Now you can finally change the DNS. If you have already purchased a .com domain name from another provider (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, 1&1 etc…), go to the admin area of your domain name seller and under the domain name change the DNS (you might want to search in the support area “how to change DNS”) . You will find something like this:



change with:



This could take a while. You can check what is your DNS using, insert your website name (ex., change the drop down menu from A to NS and click Search. If you see the old DNS somewhere, wait 10 minutes and the do the search again until you will see only the new DNS.

If you still have the website name and you want to purchase a .com domain name (ex., first of all, search if the domain name is available, just type under here the name you would like to buy and press check availability

After that go back to the official guide here at the chapter Changing the URL and finish the process.


At this point, you will have a copy of your website in the new hosting. Now you can go to PayPal (or the other payment method of your choice) and deactivate the recurring payment to Wealthy Affiliate. 


  1. Buy the hosting at Bluehost
  2. Install ManageWP on the old website
  3. Login into your new Bluehost account
  4. Setup WordPress and install ManageWP on the new website
  5. Clone/Migrate your old website to the new using ManageWP
  6. Change DNS in order to have your domain name pointing to the new hosting

If you have any problem following this guide, just drop me a message in the comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you during this process.

130 thoughts on “How To Move Your Site From Wealthy Affiliate To Another Hosting

  1. Ray

    This has turned into a nightmare. My website has been transferred to Hostgator and they are asking me to upload my website in their file manager. I assume they mean the backup I did on ManageWP plugin,. but I have no idea how to access it so I can upload it. I still don’t have my website up and running as I don’t know how to upload all the files.

    The ManageWP website is pretty hard to navigate and I have no idea what I’m doing so I might have to just give up on my 200 post website.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Ray, I’m sorry that you are finding the process difficoult.
      It is really good that you have the backup copy of your website so there shouldn’t be a problem.

      I’m not familiar with Hostgator so I cannot help you in detail with that.
      You can find more information on this page and this

      I guess you can try building a new WordPress website on Hostgator, then installing immediately ManageWP and from there use the Restore function as explained in the link above.

      If not you can subscribe to Siteground ( and they have a free migration service.

      I hope this will help.


  2. estefania

    Hi! I just want to say thanks!! This post was really really helpful and I transfer my website with success! I am so happy I did not lost it! This post was the only one that I found easy enough to follow and take the chance. I really appreciate it!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Thank you very much Estefania for you feedback. It’s always a pleasure to hear that this guide was useful and helped someone. You made my day 🙂


  3. estefania

    Hi!! I have a problem when using the Site Ground Migrator. I installed the plugging to my Word Press dashboard and then when I copy the token I get this error cURL error 7: couldn’t connect to host. Could you help me with this please??

    1. Alessio Post author

      Please try to contact the SiteGround customer service that will be able to guide you through the steps. They will do the migration for you too.


  4. Estefania

    Hi! I have one question. After you have migrate your website from WA to Site Ground (the one I decided to use in order to get te free migration assistance) I will be able to handle my website as I do in WA? I mean, I will have the same dashboard that WordPress provide?

    Thanks you in advance, I really appreciate your post, really easy to follow and understand if you are just learning about all this!!

  5. Ben

    Hi thanks for your Help my problem is I already canceled my subscription to wealthy affiliate since I was under the impression that you have one month to retrieve your site after canceling what should I do now when I log into wealthy affiliate it does not give me a option to transfer my site I am having someone on freelancer transfer it for me and he keeps telling me I need my C panel login what should I do should I resubscribe and then transfer it? any ideas thank you so much for your help

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Ben,

      as far as I know there should be a 30 days time after the cancellation to retrieve your website. Please check the T&C, I’m sure it is stated there.

      Regarding your problem, you can do easily by yourself, but you’ll need to do something. Please refer to this comment >>> instructions

  6. Caitlin Bashmakov

    Thank you so much for this site! Unfortunately I already canceled my membership, and now I am unable to transfer my hosting. I already have everything backed up, but every time I try to transfer the DNS it gives me a “Oops! We have encountered an unexpected error, please try again.” I’ve been trying for two days.

    I am hosting now through bluehost and they have been helpful, but I guess this is an error I need to fix through WA. I have contacted Kyle as well as filled out a contact form for WA and Siterubix. No one is getting back to me and I am frustrated to say the least. I am worried I will have to pay for another month of WA just to recover the domain I already own. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you so much for being here!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Caitlin,
      I don’t think you’ll need to pay for an extra month.
      Which domain name provider are you using?
      I just wrote a new article about changing name servers (DNS), check it out here.
      You don’t have to contact Kyle as he’s not a customer service, I suggest you to contact Siterubix instead.
      If you want more help I’ll need more info about your situation. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the comment you can use the Contact Me form and send me an email, I may be able to help you.


      1. Caitlin

        Hey Alessio!
        So I bought the domain name through Wealthy Affiliate. I have already backed up my site and followed all the steps to be able to move it to my new host (bluehost) but WA wont release my site. They say I only have access to the FTP if I am a member. I saved all my sites info before I canceled, but couldn’t change it for 5 more days due to it not being a full 60 after registration.

        I contacted Siterubix and they are of no help. They say I have to pay for another month to gain access to FTP. They also say it is my responsibility to move my sites before I cancel membership. I used all of WA’s tools to ask around and make sure I could move my site after I canceled, and even the WA cancelation policy itself says I have 30 days to move my site. I have access to the nameservers area, but when I try to change the DNS it says there is an error and to try again later. I’ve now been trying this for a week to no avail.

        I’m feeling like I am going to have to suck it up and pay another month to move my site which is so messed up. I have all the files backed up and now it just feels like they are holding my domain hostage.

        I’m not sure what to do at this point.
        Thank you so much for helping!

        1. Alessio Post author

          I am aware of the 30 days policy and until now there were no problems. IF you read the oold comments many people manage to get the site backup files.
          Unfortunately Wealthy Affiliate is not as good as it looks. I’d strongly suggest you to do the following:

          1. Transfer your domain name to Namecheap. Go here > Click “domains” > “Transfer”. Enter your domain name to transfer. NB. You will need something that is called AUTHORIZATION CODE. You’ll find the authorization code in your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, it could be also called “EPP code” or “EPP transfer code”.

          2. Contact Siterubix and ask them to provide:
          – backup of the database
          – backup of the website

          3. Once you have those files and you transferred the domain name to Namecheap, you’re good to go.

          Follow this procedure and you’ll be a happy website owner.

          Another thing you should consider: the hosting Bluehost. If you are still in trial period with them, I would consider deleting the membership and go with GreenGeeks instead. They are smaller than Bluehost and definitely offer a better service, in addition I would be able to help you setting up the website. Here the link with some extra discount

          Please keep me updated with the situation 🙂

  7. emmanuel

    hello, thanks a million times for this article, but i have a quick question. i just started building my website but i had to put it on hold till i move my website to A2 hosting platform, how can i do that, please. I will appreciate your response thanks

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,
      I don’t know A2. If using SiteGround you can follow this guide step-by-step and the SiteGround team will do the migration for you. Look this updated guide >>>

  8. Val


    I dont know if this applies, but I have a free siterubix account with WA and i want to transfer it over to Bluehost. WA doesn’t allow you to add any plugins when you are not a premium member. How would I go about migrating it?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Valentina,
      if you subscribe to SiteGround ( they provide a free migration service.
      With Bluehost ( they don’t provide the free migration service and you’ll have to do it by yourself. The prices are same (starting a $3.95/month) and the service is both really good.
      The website transfer is not really difficult. It is just a matter of copy and paste the folders that are in you SiteRubix cPanel, to the folder in your Bluehost cPanel. Something like transferring the files from your computer hard disk to an external hard disk.

      If you need further assistance during the process feel free to leave a comment here or drop me an email.

  9. Jenna

    ou are really knowledgeable in this and it is what I need the most now. I don’t find any of this guide in WA. I am still a member in WA, but I plan to move my second site to SquareSpace. The second site is a new site which I haven’t done anything, so do I need to move the site or just start a new site in SquareSpace? My first priority is to transfer my domain name. How to do it please? Is this the same steps as how you taught the others to SiteGround? Besides, I also want to move my site email to Google Suit. Again, I could not find any guide on that. Please help me, thanks!!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Jenna,
      in my opinion you shouldn’t move your website to SquareSpace. Once you’re on SquareSpace you can’t move your site anymore since it is a proprietary platform. I suggest you using WordPress + hosting (highly suggest SiteGround).
      For Google Suite I don’t know what to say since I’ve never had the need to use it. Why do you want to use Google Suite?
      Happy New Year!

  10. Mickey

    I left WA do to how expensive it is, but I left prior to finding a new host (000webhost) and now I can not access anything on WA except Transfer Domain & EPP Code Retrieval, I didn’t know to back up the website so I expect I will lose what little content I had but that’s np as I had to start over, I really need to be able to transfer my domain name. Is there a way I can transfer my domain and change the settings so that I can use it on 000webhost? Thanx

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Mickey,
      on the bright side, I’m sure you’ll create a better website and it will reward you in the future. 🙂
      Surely there is a way to transfer your domain name to your new hosting. Follow this guide How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple go to point no.7.
      Since every hosting is different and I have no experience with 000webhost, I can’t help you further. The easiest way is to transfer your domain name to Namecheap. I strongly suggest you to use Namecheap for the domain names managment. In Namecheap website look at the menu “Domains” > “Transfer”.

  11. Destiny Camille

    I really really need help and I feel like Im losing it. Kyle and Carson have not made themselves easily available and I understand they are busy, but I was just on the WA Facebook group page and I saw about 2-3 other people with the same problem I am facing. My problem is that I get a success message when I log in, but I am returned to the sign up page as if I an a non member. Another alarming pattern I noticed is that everyone whos been locked out of their account got locked out near their scheduled billing cycle! no one who has posted about this issue has received any solution or explanation! I have reached out to several members on their websites and I have reached out to Kyle and Carson repeatedly with NO results. What ever you can do, what ever information you have that can help me, please share.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Camille,
      first of all, don’t worry and stay calm, many people here did the migration successfully just following the guides here. Kyle and Carson will seldom reply to private messages to customers since there are a lot of people sending them private messages.

      Once you unsubscribe (or delete your PayPal or credit card payments to Wealthy Affiliate), you have 30 days (if they changed the rules please let me know), before your website is deleted. In this period of time you have to contact the CUSTOMER SERVICE of SITERUBIX (where your website is hosted), asking them to provide you with:
      – backup of the database
      – backup of the website

      If you can’t access any part of the Wealthy Affiliate website, but only the payment page, try to contact Siterubix team from here:
      Explain them the situation and give them details (eg. the name of the website) and ask for the backup and database, they should reply in few minutes.
      After that please read this guide It would be good if you could share the guide link in the Facebook group so other people could benefit and do the migration in time before the 30 days period espires.
      Let me know how it goes and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  12. Rao

    Hello, this is Rao , good informative article. I was an active member of WA for one year but now choose to move due to my personal reasons. I have got my site transferred, but not the domain name. Though I changed the DNS, pointing towards my current host. I prefer to move it from WA. But I am not sure if WA allows or responds positively for Domain Transfer.

    I found that every domain purchased from WA comes with privacy protection and hence it is masked. They don’t put owners email ID as an option, so when another registrar initiates a transfer with verification mail. It is never forwarded to the orginal owner to whom the Domain belongs.

    In this situation, you get stuck with your transfer. As I go through your article, you haven’t mentioned anything about this Topic. In fact, I find very less info about Domain Transfer issues from WA.

    Now within the WA dashboard, you don’t have access to remove the Domain Privacy, which also means members or owners can’t have full control on their domain right?. If I purchased it them, who must control it. Let me know your comments about it.

    I have asked WA to remove the protection so that I transfer my Domain but no reply, Any idea on how to go about it. My Domain will be expired next month.

    Your quick comments will be apprecaited. I am bit nervous of this situation.

    I am also not sure of they will contact me for renewal since I am no longer a member of WA. In this case, I am rally worried about the future of my hard work that I did last one year.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Rao,
      first of all RELAX and DON’T PANIC. Many other friends already did the transfer successfully with no hassle.

      Secondly, in order to move your domain name to another registrar (eg. SiteGround or Namecheap) you can follow the steps on this guide: How To Transfer Your Domain Name.
      For security reason you need the EPP Code. Here to understand what is the EPP Transfer Code.

      Depending which new hosting you’re using, there are different ways to transfer the domain name. For example, if you are using SiteGround, you can simply go to: SiteGround Customer Area->Order section->Domain Transfer. You will receive an approval e-mail at the domain’s administrative e-mail account. Use the confirmation link in it to approve the domain name transfer. Then it will take up to 5 business days for the domain name to be transferred to SiteGround.
      The domain’s administrative e-mail is usually the one you used to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to get the EPP code first.
      In alternative to this method, you can simply open a support ticket on SiteGround and the tech guys will do it for you.

      If you are using another hosting or domain name registrar, let me know and I’ll try to guide you through that specific process.

      As final note, the Domain Privacy is just a layer to cover the real email address and contacts info of the real domain name’s owner. The owner (YOU) still have the FULL control of the domain name.

      1. Rao

        Hello Alessio, thanks for encouraging and getting on my comment promptly. My website is transfered to siteground sucessfully, but not the domain name. I have got the EPP code from WA, but here is the issue. I was told by Siteground Tech, that they have initaited the transfer and sent an email which has link and I need to put my EPP code to make the transfer process com plete. But they are saying the email is getting delivred to another email due the privacy protection. The Domain admin team or registrant is supposed to forward me that mail or they need to remove the privacy so that, it will get delivered

        My issue is , I am not geting the mail sent by Siteground, which means by defalut , WA has set another email and they missed to place my email which I signed for WA Signup. I guess you got my issue. How do you suggest me to go about it. Thanks.

        1. Alessio Post author

          I see now what is your problem.
          For this matter I’d contact the WA support through your dashboard. This is the DOMAIN support, not WA itself support. Ask them to send you the link, or approve the transfer. This is very weird in my opinion, that they don’t forward you the email. Did you check your spam folder? If not check if carefully. I’ll send you an email with the protection email address, so you can do few tests sending emails to that address and see if they get delivered to your personal email. Let me know.

          1. Mary

            wow, and I am locked out of being able to contact WA support for reasons they won’t even explain, but write access revoked, is everyone who bought a domain name with WA in the same boat as this guy needing that EPP!

            There clearly is a need for someone like you to help people get out of WA, a new niche they forgot to mention! And so many people in the comments saying the same thing I experienced – ‘no response’ from them!

      2. Frank

        Great writeup Alessio, unfortunately a few days too late for me. Is it too late to salvage my site after the 30 day extension? How would I start again with WordPress without remembering the entire site creation training process? You mention that it’s free online?

        1. Alessio Post author

          Hi Frank,
          it shouldn’t be too late if you still have the access to your dashboard in WA.
          If not you’ll have to rebuild your website from scratch. That’s also quite fun. It looks difficult the first time, but then it get easier and easier. If you need help send me an email and I’ll try my best to guide you 🙂 >>> contact me

          1. Frank

            Thanks so much Alessio. Unfortunately yes I will need to start from scratch bummer. I can’t even remember who was hosting my site!

    1. Alessio Post author

      You should have 30 days since when you cancel your subscription, if you’re still in the 30 days, contact the customer service of Wealthy Affiliate asking them to provide you the backup of your website and database. Then give the files to the guys at SiteGround and they’ll do the rest.

  13. Kayla Ostrander

    I actually found this when researching for someone that lost their site because they didn’t backup before moving from WA. I was told when I joined WA that I would not have my website anymore if I left WA. Because of this I sucked it up and figured I’d keep paying the $50 a month.

    Now I’m getting frustrated because I have been with them for less than 2 months and already completed every training exercise they offer. I’m also beginning to realize that no one actually knows what they’re doing because I’ve had a few issues and have asked questions and no one can seem to answer them so I end up having to do the research outside of WA.

    At this point I don’t know what I’m paying $50 a month for. Does WA have better hosting or anything than the site you recommend? And do they have all the same free themes?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Dear Kayla,
      unfortunately the “training” in WA is made only by other users that are–like you–new to this WordPress and website world. The reason of the lack of information and help inside Wealthy Affiliate is the same reason I left WA at the time. There are more information outside WA actually and are available for FREE.

      The WA hosting doesn’t offer anything more than a “normal” hosting provider. You can choose any other hosting provider you want outside Wealthy Affiliate. For my direct experience, what I recommend as hosting provider is SiteGround, especially for users that are new and not expert, their customer service is top notch and they provide all the assistance you’ll need.
      Another suggested hosting is BlueHost, but at the moment all my websites are on SiteGround and I can’t be happier.

      The themes are not connected to the hosting, but are under WordPress so you won’t feel any difference and yes, there are thousand of free themes.

      If you are planning to move your website, please read this guide (How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple) you’ll be happy to know that SiteGround will move your website for free, and free you for the pain (a real pain) of migrating the website from WA to another hosting. Be sure to do this process BEFORE ending your Wealthy Affiliate subscription.

      I hope to have answered all your questions, but please if you have any other questions I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

  14. Jim

    The WA offers a wonderful learning platform for putting up websites with affiliate links but its expensive. I am a past member, learned all I could and moved on. Currently have two websites up and belong to a network marketing company that offers services to businesses. I found this company much easier to promote than the WA for building a group. The WA do help me with SEO and WordPress in general.

    Wish I found this site before I switched.
    Only issue is the WA reviews everyone puts up, very over kill.
    Great site!

    1. Alessio Post author

      That’s true. A good place where to start. The great reviews is because WA is promoting affiliate to itself, that’s it. You can’t find anything more than the resources you’ll find with google for free. But still, good starting place.
      Good luck!

  15. Peter Doornbos

    Hi Alessio,
    great post, thank you. I had to terminate my membership as the first notification I got was that paypal was about to take another US$350 from my account, so I stopped it immediately. Have you heard of any ways of being able to get the transfer of the domain name authority from WA?

    Cheers Peter

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Peter,
      $350 is a huge amount!!!
      Where did you buy your DOMAIN NAME (the URL of your site)?

      1. In order to transfer the DOMAIN NAME to another registrar you’ll have to subscribe to another registrar. Check out HERE what do you need for the transfer. You want to use Namecheap for various reason, one of them the interface is extremely easy to navigate. Avoid others like 1&1.

      2. If your DOMAIN NAME is already registered under other registrar, you can skip the step 1 unless you want to change your registrar.

      3. Buy a new HOSTING. Follow the guide How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple to transfer the content of your website from Wealthy Affiliate to the new hosting. In this guide I’ll explain almost everything you need to know. Be sure to fully read it once before taking action. However, the technical staff from the new hosting will move your website for you. The hosting provider I strongly recommend is SiteGround.

      4. Please notice that in order to run a website you’ll need 2 different things: 1. DOMAIN NAME; 2. HOSTING. These are 2 different things that you’ll have to purchase. Some companies provide the DOMAIN NAME and the HOSTING under the same roof. However, I’d suggest you to either use the companies NAMECHEAP and SITEGROUND, or if you want to have all in one place, just SITEGROUND (for domain name and hosting). Note that SiteGround while it is really competitive with the HOSTING, is not with the DOMAIN NAME (we are talking about $4/year difference).

      If you need more information, you can reply this comment, however if you don’t feel to share publicly some information, you can contact me via email or using the contact form. I’ll do my best to help you with the transfer. I still remember the pain when I did mine >.< ~Alessio

  16. leehow

    I got a difficulty at step “4.Setup WordPress and install ManageWP on the new website”,

    I already install WordPress at my new hosting company,
    However as I using the same domain, login to WordPress keep return me to page with full loaded content from WA.

    Is that possible to perform step 6 before step 5?

    1. Alessio Post author

      1. What hosting are you using?
      2. You have to clone your site first. In the new hosting, the website has another URL (name), sometimes it is an IP address. In this case, it is better to access your new website from the cpanel in the new hosting. After you clone the website using the plugin BackWPup (step 4 and 5), you can change the DNS (step 6). In this way you’ll have no downtime of your website.
      3. If you want, you can do step 6 and then step 5, but in this case, there could be a bit of downtime, it means that when the people are trying to reach your website, because you didn’t do the migration before, they will see an empty (or under construction website).

      Think like a house. If you do step 5 and then step 6, it means that you move your forniture from your old house to your new house (step 5), then when the guests come for dinner, they will find a cozy house with all the furniture.

      If you do the other way, you’ll invite your friend (step 6) while you are still moving in with the forniture, the guys with the moving van are still working in your house (step 5).

      Let me know what hosting are you using, I may be able to help you better.


      1. leehow

        Thanks Alessio, I am so glad to receive you reply as I really worry all my effort will gone after I stop payment to WA. The next WA charges will be on 2 July, maybe I will need to extend another month payment before I am confident to change my DNS.

        I using Hostpapa now and they do have cPanel, I already installed WordPress, I click on clone icon and the first page is displaying the installed WordPress detail, should I continue with “Clone Installation” and it will prompt back up from ManageWP?

        1. Alessio Post author

          If you have the backup of your website (also the database), save it to your computer, so you can stop the payment to WA. Your site will stay online for 30 days but you won’t have access to the dashboard, but it doesn’t matter since you’ll be working on your new host.

          Since I’m not familiar with Hostpapa, I can’t guide you step-by-step. I now suggest to use SiteGround as hosting because they will clone your website for free, so you don’t have to do anything.

          However, if you already managed to do the backup of your website, and the backup of the database with the plugin ManageWP, you can take a look at the guide here.

          Let me know how it goes 🙂


          1. leehow

            thanks for your reply, I decide to cancel my hosting subcription with hostpapa as their support and service is really disappointing. Luckily they provide 30 days money back garuanty.

            I point my DNS to hostpapa yesterday and I fail to clone the website due to poor FTP service of hostpapa. Hence I have to change my DNS to point back to WA now. Hopefully it will be fine later.

            Is Siteground very easy and user friendly in migrating the WordPress website?
            I will proceed for Siteground if so, hope to hear from you again.

          2. Alessio Post author

            Yes, please be so kind to use this link to go to SiteGround, you will get a 60% discount.
            If you are in US there is a promotion from July 1, 2016, 02:00 CDT (it is from 3pm today Malaysia/Singapore time) for a limited time with 70% discount ***4th July promotion only for US***
            Based on how many website do you have you can choose 2 different plans, StartUp or GrowBig. I’m on GrowBig at the moment because I have more websites. If you have just one website, you can take the StartUp, and eventually upgrade later. I’ll suggest you to buy 1 or 2 years (or more if you are thinking to keep your website for long time) as the discount will be reflected on the total (you can save a lot of money).
            They have 30 days money back too. However, their support is incredible, and they will move your website for free and they give you an SSL certificate for free.

            As I’m using the same hosting, I can help you better since I know the interface very well. Here is another guide for SiteGround users.
            Please reach me at the email if you need more specific help-you’ll be surprised where I’m based at the moment 🙂

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Nelio,
      if you are still able to access your dashboard, yes. To access to your dashboard type in the URL bar ``, then enter the username and password.

      Once you are there install the plugin called BackWPup and do the backup of your website and database, download them to your computer.
      Then go to SiteGround, buy the hosting (if you have only one website the one at $3.95/month is enough), then open a support ticket for migrating your website, they will do everything for you.

      If you need more help just drop me an email, or use the Contact Form


  17. Vic

    Hi Alessio!
    I seriously need your help! Unfortunately I found you one step late!
    My WA account have been terminated (due to some hick-up on my side & the SiteGround), the SiteGround technical personnel can’t access to WA to help me do the transfer even after I provide them the FTP User Name & Password. The below were their feedback:

    “We have tried to establish FTP connection to the remote host but to no avail:
    Login incorrect.
    It appears that the login credentials are not correct and I would kindly ask you to contact your previous hosting provider and ask them to let you know about your account IP address.
    I am afraid we could not initiate the transfer at the moment without establishing connection to the remote server first.
    In case you are still not sure on how to proceed further, please provide us with the login details ( username and password ) to your previous hosting company ( as I understand it is WA ) so we could check this further on.”

    After reading your article, I suspect that I changed the DNS too early, yours is the LAST STEP but I did it FIRST! But, even if it is so, why didn’t the Siteground support team told me so?

    Now, I guess my only choice is to resubscribe with WA for another month, I request for cancellation from SiteGround for now, as I don’t have extra money to pay for redundant services, maybe by the 3rd week, I’ll resubscribe back with SiteGround/ BlueHost (which one is better for WordPress CMS – without extra cost?) then follow all your steps, when the sites are running well in the new web host, then only cancel the WA!
    Btw, the SiteGround personnel keep saying, they wanted my Login Credential, which credential in WA exactly are they looking for?
    Your advise are much appreciated!


    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Vic.
      First of all, don’t cancel SiteGround.
      Now, I’m seeing your DNS are still pointing to WA. Good.

      What you have to provide to SiteGround staff is the FTP username and the FTP password.
      Usually the FTP username is something like: ftp_DK94jis9 (this is an example)
      You can find the FTP username and password in you WA profile. It is a DIFFERENT username and DIFFERENT password, IT IS NOT the username and password you use to access to your website.

      If you can’t provide the FTP username and password, please contact the SITERUBIX support and ask them to provide you:

      1) zip file of your website
      2) copy of the database

      You can just copy and paste these two lines to them, and they will send you everything in less than half an hour.
      When you have those 2 files, save them to your computer, and then tell the SiteGround staff that you have the backup of your site, they will use those 2 files to set up your website.

      After that, you can change the DNS.

      Please follow these instructions as it is the only way to do. If you have to pay another month of WA, just pay and follow the instructions step-by-step.


      Don’t cancel SiteGround as they are doing a test for the next few months and raised the price. You’ll have to pay slightly more if you cancel and then subscribe again.

      Between Bluehost and SiteGround, I strongly recommend SiteGround.

      Let me know if you need further help, I’ll be happy to guide you through the process. However, please TRUST the SiteGround staff as they are PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED technicians.

      Follow this guide: How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple (and FREE) it is an updated guide
      Read this comment from a friend with the same problem: Comment

      1. Vic

        Hi Alessio,
        Thanks for your prompt reply, really appreciated it!
        First of all, I had cancelled my SiteGround account, telling them that I’ll be back in another 3 weeks time. I don’t have the luxury to keep 2 web hosting account which cost me $47 + $22 = $69/ mth!
        So, I will try to transfer my website again by 3rd week before my WA account expired again…
        I will backup my database base on your advice using BackWPup plugin soon, as a zip file, rite?
        As for the FTP User Name & Password, yes, I am 100% sure I’m giving them the correct info. Still, they can’t use it, I really don’t know why.
        Before I cancelled my SG account yesterday, I asked their LiveChat Helpdesk again if point the DNS too early would resulted the transfer to be disrupted, he said No, it was just that once they have all our files and contents from our website earlier will ensure smoother integration, so that user wouldn’t see empty website from SiteGround.. which make sense. But if that didn’t gave them the error message, I really don’t know what did! 🙁
        Btw, I saw one of your comment advising that once we are in other web hosting, if we wanna log into WP Dashboard, we have to use the URL “www.”ourwebsite”.com/wp-admin, rite?
        And what is the User Name & Password to log in for this page? I tried using the one on “Your Website Administrator Users” User Name: admin; Password: tLg-xxxXxx9X but with no vail…
        Don’t know what went wrong …
        Worst case, if they really can’t help, can you teach me how to “manually” transfer it myself? Is it hard?
        Hear from you again, thanks! 🙂

        1. Alessio Post author

          Sorry for the late reply, your message went into the spam and I just saw it. I noticed that every link pointing to Wealthy Affiliate are flagged as spam.

          However, if you clone your site from WA to another hosting, the username and password are the same you were using before.
          If you change DNS before cloning your site to another host, then to connect to the old site you’ll have to go the address that most probably is a series of numbers and words very difficult to remember. That’s why is always better to change the DNS at the end.
          If you are transferring your site by FTP, there is no problem.

          AS for the data you have to give to SiteGround, it should be FTP username, FTP password, and FTP address that is the FTP server where to connect.

          You can ask all these details to the Siterubix support.
          As for the backup, it is better to ask Siterubix to provide you a backup of my database and website as zip file. Then pass those files to the SiteGround staff.
          It is easier than it appears, believe me.

          During the process, you can contact me at if you have any trouble.

          About the rate, how come you have $22/month? The GrowBig is only $9.95/mo!

          1. Vic

            Hi Alessio,
            Again, your feedback came a bit too late! But this time, it doesn’t matter, coz issue settled, I managed to get a special offer from SG with just $9.95/ 1st YEAR! YES, you heard me right! ONLY $9.95 for the 1st YEAR! So, I’m actually glad that I cancelled my 1st subscription of $22 for the First Month (if I’m paying for the first month only, that’s what they were charging me!). Anyway, I’m grateful that the cost now is unbeatable, and the transfer is almost a breeze. Thanks to you, I followed your advice to download the BackWPup plugin, download my own website and database, then give them my FTP User Name & Password, and my WordPress Login Password as well. They cloned it, then asked me to direct the WA DNS to theirs, within 24 hours, it’s successfully redirected.
            Now I still have around 13 days left with WA, I thought I could still use the SiteComments to get some traffics, unfortunately, it’s not linked to my updated site in SG anymore. I could copy and paste the comments into my updated sites, but can’t access to their email address and new posts can’t be reflected in WA site anymore! lol
            Maybe that’s the ONLY THING that I’ll miss about WA! too bad.. shhh..
            Btw, do you happened to be in a community of ex-WA that we can actually collaborate and continue to help each other grow?
            Maybe you can create a forum for us to hangout and discuss matters?
            Hear from you soon!

          2. Alessio Post author

            Hi Vic,
            as said, I’m really sorry, your message went into the spam!
            However, I’m happy you finally solved the issue! It was really weird that you had to pay $22 for one month!!! Good deal the $9.95/month! You’ll be really happy!
            Meanwhile, since you still are in the WA community, you can share this link How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple (and FREE), could be a starting point to form a community of ex-WA.

            Don’t worry about the comments, you’ll get new soon! (Last year I lost ALL the shares of a website)

  18. Rodrigo

    I just transferred my domain to hostgator. Before that, wealthy affiliate was hosting my website. I got an email 2 weeks ago from wealthy affiliate saying they will delete my website, which they gave me till next week, if I don’t resubscribe. I had stopped the billing payment even before that. Question: Will my website still get deleted even though I barely transferred my domain to a different host?

    1. Alessio Post author

      They will delete all the data you have on their hosting. That means that all the content you created will be deleted. Unless you made a copy of that content and transferred to another hosting or saved it on your computer.
      Did you already transfer your website to HostGator? Please notice that for WEBSITE I mean the content of your website -post, images, pages, etc.
      The DOMAIN or DOMAIN NAME is something different.

      Let me know what do you mean for “domain”

      1. Rodrigo

        Sorry about that. I meant domain name. I would like to transfer everything to hostgator so I can save all of my content from it getting deleted by wealthy affiliate. I need help I am a fairly new to all of this and I would appreciate it if you can help me out. First, I registered the domain name to host gator. Then I got an email which contained the name servers for my domain name. After, I logged into my namecheap account. I went ahead and removed wealthy affiliate’s nameservers and added on the hostgator’s nameservers.

        1. Alessio Post author

          As I understood your domain name is under HostGator.
          And your hosting is under Namecheap, is that correct?

          Please let me know WHERE is your hosting asap.
          If you need to understand better what is the process to move your site from WA please READ THIS.


          1. Alessio Post author

            So, I can’t follow you step-by-step as I don’t have a hosting account there.
            But basically the steps you should do are:
            1a) Have a .zip backup of your website and backup of the database (you can ask the SiteRubix support to provide you the files)
            1b) Have the FTP credential and transfer the files from SiteRubix using FTP
            2) Copy the content of the .zip file into your new hosting
            3) Copy the content of your database into a new database in your hosting
            4) Change the DNS on your HostGator account to point to the Namecheap hosting.

            If you are under SiteGround they will take care of your site from step 1b for free.


  19. danny

    Ironical, I stumbled upon this while looking for how to move to WA. I only need their training, that’s all. Very informative article though.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Danny,
      Actually if you already have your site hosted somewhere else, you don’t need to move it to WA.
      You can just go there and get the training. However, IMHO, there are many free and useful information out there to help you growing your online business. You can save the WA fee and buy some pro version of plugins, themes and etc.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email.

      All the best

  20. Anjana

    I badly need your help, for changing my site hosting ffrom wealthyaffilite to blue host .As suggested by you I took the basic plan from you site I did some things which I understood >as frakly speaking i am not a computer expert so many terms i am not anle to follow .Please chreck wat i did till now is correct Name cheap is not giving EPP which blue host was asking and so I put dsn Ichanged to blue host how far I ID IS CORRECT i DONT KNOW CAN YOU PLEASE DO A FAVOUR OF TRANSFERING MY SITE FROM WEALTHY AFFILIATE TO bLUE HOST HOSTING REGARDS fast sin ce my 30 days period of access to the wealthy affiliate back end will last within one or two days

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Anjana,
      first of all, don’t worry and relax. If you don’t know a term please use to search the meaning of the term you don’t know.

      Secondly, you don’t need the EPP to transfer your website. There are 2 different things here the WEBSITE and the DOMAIN NAME. The website is the content of the website, the one that you have to transfer, like the posts, pages, images etc. The DOMAIN NAME is the address that you put in the URL bar to go to your site. is a DOMAIN NAME. is a DOMAIN NAME.
      Changing hosting is like changing house. You change your house, but don’t change your name.
      So here you have to take the content of the website (from wealthy affiliate) and put it in another house (bluehost).

      What you have to do right now is contact the SITERUBIX SUPPORT and ask them to give you:

      1) the zip file with the backup of your website
      2) the backup of your database

      They will give you this two files and you have to download them and save on your computer. Once you have these 2 files you are safe.

      I’m heading to a remote destination right now (I’m in the airport waiting for the flight) so for the next 7 days I’ll have NO INTERNET connection. If you have problems following the guide, please wait until I come back and I’ll help you. But first of all, CONTACT SITERUBIX SUPPORT and get the two things above.

      To contact the support go to your Wealthy Affiliate profile and open a new ticket in Siterubix, they will answer you in a few minutes.
      Please let me know how it goes, that if I have the chance to get a wifi connection I’ll try to do my best to help you.

  21. phil darst

    Good post.
    You must know a lot about wordpress.
    I have a site that a guy built for me then vanished before it was complete.
    I can add pages and post but do not understand how to change DMS2 and other segments.
    I can’t see a tutorial to help with understanding what to do with the

  22. Will

    Oh no! I didn’t see this until just after my subscription ended. Now I can’t download any plugins. I already had my new hosting purchased, but I wasted a lot of time trying to download an ftp client. Filezilla gave me malware, and there was an error installing WinSCP. I didn’t realize that I could use a plugin until now. What I should I do? I am considering contacting WA to see if they will let me install plugins.

    1. Alessio Post author

      They will not let you doing this. If you already unsubscribed from WA, there is no way you can access your website, and as far as I remember, you cannot even contact the support service.
      Here is what you can do:

      1) Try to contact the WA support service, asking them to give you the .zip file of your website and the database. (Not sure if they will give you)
      2) Renew WA for one more month and then migrate your website. (of course you have to see if the money worth the amount of content you already done)

      Either way, I strongly suggest you to go with SiteGround for the new hosting (read this guide). Either if you have the .zip file and the database or just the website in the other hosting, they will do the dirty work for you and migrate your website for free.

      Using a FTP client is easy but you have to understand the basic as you can modify the files in the back-end of your website and make it unusable if you do something wrong. To download filezilla please refer to the official website Filezilla Official.

      Please remember that once your subscription end, you have 30 days before your website in WA will deleted.

      Let me know if I can help you more.

      1. Will

        Ok. I contacted WA, not sure what they will say. When I downloaded FileZilla, it gave me malware so I had to delete it. That is why I had the issue. It was the download from the exact link you provided.

          1. Will

            I agree, it was a bundled malware download. I have removed all the malware though. I believe I can resolve the issue in some way or another. Right now I am trying to use MultCloud to move my ftp files to dropbox, and from there into my hosting.

          2. Alessio Post author

            But so in the end, you have the backup of your website and the database?
            If yes, you just have to do a new db in your new hosting, a simple copy and paste of folder and a transfer the old db into the new one. And in case needed, adjust the settings in the wp-config file.


          3. Will

            No, I do not have a backup. The method of transferring the files to Dropbox failed because some of the files were “untransferable”. The only info I have is my ftp username and password. At this point I have tried and failed at least 10 different ways to transfer the site data so I am getting quite tired of this.

          4. Alessio Post author

            I remember when I transfered my site, I had to ask the support staff of SiteRubix to unlock it. They did in less than half an hour, but still, to contact them I guess you must be subscribed.


          5. Will

            I am really stuck now. Nothing has worked, but at least I got something similar to filezilla installed. Now the problem is that I already connected to my new hosting, and I didn’t realize it would change my ftp account. Now I cant access my old FTP files. I sent WA an email asking for my zip files, but they have not responded. In the past when I contacted them, they sometimes did not respond. This is making me very anxious. I don’t want to pay WA for another month. It seems I have inadvertently eliminated all my options.

          6. Alessio Post author

            I’m sorry but it seems that you run out of options.
            Answer this questions:
            1) Were you ranking high with the old website?
            2) Will it take you long time to rewrite the content?
            3) If you have to rewrite the content again, will it be worst than the first one you wrote (consider that you gained more skills and knowledge in these months)?

            If the answer to all the questions is YES, consider to spend the $XX to get access to your old website for another month and do the migration properly. At the end is like paying a pro-version of a plugin.
            If you think that you can do better, just start another website from scratch. You will build a better version of the previous one.


  23. Matt

    Hey Alessio,

    I followed up to step 4, but when I got to last chapter on bluest, “update URL” on the bluest site (quick link you provided), it does not let me log in to my wordpress admin. It says 404 error…I am very scared that the site has been broken but I believe I followed verbatim.

    Or is it because I have not waited 48 hours to allow the DNS settings to take place? I get mixed results when I use

    I am very nervous, Can you please help me?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Matt,
      it seems that all the DNS for the website now are pointing correctly to your new host, well done.
      I think you have to add your domain name to your account in Bluehost. Please follow this guide.
      Don’t worry, it is just a matter of settings as they probably changed something in the system. My guide is a bit old and I moved on SiteGround instead, that offer a free migration service.

      Please, keep me updated. In case you need more help, please let me know more details and your actual situation.


      1. Amy

        I am currently a member of WA. I’m curious. How long were you with WA before you decided to leave? What decisions made you leave WA?

        1. Alessio Post author

          I was with them almost half a year. If you need help that is different from “How can I make my font bold?” or simple tasks like this, you better go somewhere else. Searching in google leads you to much better (FREE) content.
          The only thing I kinda miss is the search engine for the keywords. I’m sure that there are plenty of other resources (paid or free) that does the same job.
          Honestly, the money you pay in WA doesn’t worth the service you get. Besides that, there are great people there.

  24. Dazy

    Hi Allessio, Thanks or the info. This is great.

    For my case, I already left WA 4 months ago. I have a Bluehost and would like to add my used in WA as an add-on domain to my existing Bluehost domain.

    I just want to verify if I can set my old WA domain in Bluehost? I actually plan to change the niche totally different from what I used in my WA so I don’t need the back-ups, I just need my domain transferred to Bluehost so I can start the designs and posts from scratch.

    Thank you very much in advance.



    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Dazy,
      where did you buy the domain name when you were under WA?

      I just point my domain name bought at NameCheap to a website hosted in 1&1.
      Here what I did:
      Go to your domain name registrar dashboard –> select the domain name you want to point to the new hosting
      Change/manage DNS –> change the DNS with this (if your new hosting is under BlueHost):
      Save. >> PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DNS COULD TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS TO CHANGE << Use this link to verify your DNS --> What’s my DNS? (choose NS from the menu beside the field where you put your website address

      Then go to your hosting service (in your case BlueHost) and under “domain” look for something like “domain transfer”.
      Insert your domain name address (ex. and then choose between “transfer” or “connect”.
      One options should transfer everything to BlueHost (you will pay the annual fee for the domain name to BlueHost), the other will just point your to your BlueHost hosting.

      If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact me again!

  25. Daniel

    Hi, I am glad I found your post. I have been a WA premium member for two months now, but recently I fail to pay for my membership. My membership was terminated and I understand I still have 30 days before my websites are deleted.

    After reading your post, I thought that maybe I should move my websites to one of the hosts you recommend. However, the problem now is that while I still had privilege via WA to access my sites, I never changed the usernames and passwords. So, right now I just can’t access my websites I only have to visit them just like any other internet user.

    Is there anyway you can help me with that…?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Daniel,
      yes, you have 30 days before all of your content is deleted from the WA host.

      Without the username and the password for your site it is a bit difficult to access the admin page.
      Did you save the username and the password somewhere?
      Try to go to the admin login page, adding to your domain name the /wp-admin, it should look something like this:

      And see if your browser has saved the username and password.

      Let me know

      1. Daniel

        WOW!! As I write this I am pleased to let you know that I am on my website’s dashboard. This is amazing as I had lost all hope to even submit a post to my website.

        Well, as you said, I used the pseudo address you suggested in the comment above. Unfortunately, my browser hadn’t saved any password. However, I requested for a password reset and bam! In my email there was already a link to reset my password and as I type this I am already logged into my dashboad.

        I am also overwhelmed with how you are quick at responding to my comment. Even before I had closed my browser, I had already gotten a reply, awesome.
        Thanks alot, and I am on my way to moving my sites now siteground.
        Thanks a bunch!!

  26. Kelly

    Hi Alessio,

    I stopped my payment at WA before moving. Was thinking I could use the 30 day after cancellation. Now I can’t even get to my website at WA. What do I do? Thanks

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      the 30 days after cancellation are just to keep you website on. You will not be able to access any part of WA if your payment is cancelled. And you WILL NOT GET ANY COMMISSION if you cancel your payment before getting the commissions.

      If you have a backup of your FTP username and password, it will be very useful if not, try to go to your website address adding /wp-admin:
      Then enter you username and password. When you are in the WordPress dashboard, do a backup of your site following the point no.2 of the guide.

      Now that you have the backup of your site, buy a new hosting from SiteGround. Why SiteGround? Because they can migrate your website for you for FREE and their customer service is excellent. If you have the FTP username and password, they can migrate your website without having the backup.

      Please, let me know if you can follow this step, if not come back here, I’ll try to help you as far as I can! 😀
      Good luck!

      1. Kelly

        I have with hostgator and they won’t even help out. All their explanation on transferring is not clear and their live chat is dumb. Keeps freezing out.

        I have backed up. But what else shall I do. Haven’t really got much time for WA 30 days.

          1. Kelly

            I already paid hostgator. Can I still move when this month pay expire? Cos I really do not understand them at all.

          2. Alessio Post author

            Hi Kelly,
            where is your website now? On WA or Hostgator?
            I would however cancel with Hostgator and go with SiteGround before either Hostgator or WA will expire.
            SiteGround have a chat with very friendly people that can tell you what to do in a very simple way (I call it “in human words”).
            You probably will lose the already paid month in Hostgator, but I think the content of your website is more valuable.

            Please, be sure that you move your website BEFORE the month with WA expires! If not you will lose everything!

          3. Kelly

            The hostgator was just for a month. I moved from WA to hostgator. Can I still move to site guard ?

  27. David

    I just signed up with siteground and they are transferring my site just like you said. He was nice and told me he performed a ftp transfer of my site. I am so glad that I found your blog, I would have been lost and stuck to pay outrages WA premium prices just for hosting because i already completed the training. Thank you so much for the service you provide.

    1. Alessio Post author

      You are welcome David!
      SiteGround has an excellent and friendly customer service, you’ll be very happy with them!!!
      If you need some other help in the future or just want to say hello, please pop by here again!

  28. David

    I installed the manageWP worker and it will not let me add my website. It tells me that the plugin version is not detected, click to install update but after doing that I get the same message. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Alessio Post author

      It is very difficult for me to help you, I don’t know what is going on by your side.
      I would try to do the following:
      1. Uninstall ManagerWP
      2. Update WordPress to version 4.3
      3. install again ManagerWP through the WordPress Dashboard ( Plugins –> Add New )

      If you still get the problem, try to take a screenshot or the error message you get.

  29. David

    I tried to download the wpmanager but it may not work with the current version of WordPress i am running. Is there another plugin in can use that would work for version 4.3 in WP?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi David,
      yes, there are others solutions. You can take a look at this plugin InfiniteWP Client. It does the same work as ManagerWP.
      Or, if you don’t want to worry about the migration of your site, go with SiteGround. I have a couple of sites there and I’m planning to transfer all the others when the old contract will expire. SiteGround has an excellent support (really, excellent!) and they will migrate your site for FREE.
      Take a look, in both cases it is easier than it looks.
      Anyway, if you need help just drop me a comment or an email 😉

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi David,
      yes, more or less the process is the same. BUT, if you don’t want to use Bluehost, I’d suggest you to use >>>SITEGROUND<<<. This is one of the BEST hosting service ever. They have a FREE service (that Bluehost doesn’t have) for moving your website for you. So you don’t have to think about transfer your site anymore. They will do it for you. For FREE.

  30. Richa

    Hi Alessio,

    Very informative post and to the point. I was wondering if in future I don’t want to continue with WA, what will happen to my site. You cleared lots of my doubts. Thanks a lot!!
    Bookmarking your site 🙂

  31. Eva

    I left WA a while ago and went with Godaddy for hosting, I am still trying to get my website up. I backed it up to my desk top but unable to transfer the information over. Godaddy wants me to pay for them to help me transfer my sites. I will try what you did and see if it works. Thank you for the information.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Dear Eva,
      while I was researching for a good host I stumbled upon not really good review about GoDaddy. Bluehost offer good services and you can follow the guide after purchasing a host from them (follow this link).
      If you are totally new with moving websites, I’d recommend you to go with SiteGround. They are amazing, and they will move your website for you FOR FREE. As Bluehost, SiteGround has 24/7 support too.
      Let me know, if you need any help just send me a mail 🙂

  32. Fatkul

    Hi Alessio,
    I’am with WA now, and I have plan to move my hosting from WA to another one for next couple weeks [My choice goes to Godaddy or BlueHost]. I have entering my domain registrar [Godaddy] and when I’ve pointing to host transfer menu, I have seen that the host transfer has locked until 18 June 2015 [My expired date of my premium membership on WA]. What should I do now? Am I need to transfer my site to new host after my expiring date on WA [because it’s locked] or you have any idea?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Fatkul,
      From my experience, you have to buy a host space (better from bluehost) and after that transfer the website to the new host.
      After this you will have to change the DNS of your site.
      For do this you should go the the site where you bought your domain name and change it from there.
      But the most important thing is to FIRST buy the new host, and then do the rest.
      It is possible that you’ll have to contact the WA customer service to unlock your site. It happened to me.
      For more information pls write me a mail with your request, I’ll answer you asap!

  33. Cathy

    Hi there Alessio,

    I never thought of moving my hosting site before, but Angela has a point there. Hosting all sites with one service provider can still be risky. I have heard good things about BlueHost and your article seems to support that 🙂

    1. Alessio Post author

      Yes, Bluehost is a very good service provider. And it is true, if you have more websites you should consider to host them in different hosting.

  34. Angela

    Hi Alessio,
    Another brilliant post with crystal cleared detailed instructions. It’ll sure save Ton of troubles for anyone who needs it. I’m a WA member on yearly plan, enjoying the dynamic learning environment there. But I don’t really like to host all my sites at WA only. Blue Host sounds like good option. Thank you for for the effort to put it all together:)

  35. Joze

    Hi Alessio,

    Thank you very much for this informative and very useful information. I am with WA for now, because of learning etc., but who knows about the future. So your post go directly into archive for later using.


  36. Nina

    Good article. I am with WA as well, but considering moving my websites because they are so expensive and I have yet to make any money. Can I move both of my websites For that price?

    1. Alessio Post author

      I just saw that yesterday Bluehost changed the fee. I already update this article.
      If you have more than one site, the cheapest with Bluehost is the PLUS plan where you can have unlimited website. Now it starts at $6.95 for the first month.
      Looking for other hosting I found another very very good hosting, always with 24/7 chat support (very nice guys there) and WordPress optimized. At this moment they are on EASTER SALE. Get the offer before it ends –> HERE. Be sure to choose the GrowBig plan because also here, the cheapest plan (called StartUp) offer hosting for just 1 website. Ah forgot! Siteground has a FREE MIGRATION SERVICE it means that they will move 1 website for you FOR FREE.
      Btw if you need anything just drop me a line!
      ~ Alessio

      1. Kishan Prajapati

        Hey! I m at WA and my subscription is about to over in just 3 or 2 days I very newbie for this industry. I have 2 websites under Siterubix. I m not using any website with My own domain. Now I want to transfer my site into my own domain plus want to leave WA. Because my training is completed as per my knowledge.

        1.Will WA automatically take my money from my Card ?
        2. Do I need backup ? As I have already copied my date (post , images,)
        3. Do I need to join SiteGround ?
        4.i m very confused I didn’t get anything in comments.
        I will happy if I will get your reply

        I m using SiteRubix no even one Site of own domain I just want backup like (post,images) which I have already saved. I want join BlueHost will host my site and will they give some domain ideas. Please. I cannot explain anything far better than this what is my problem is. Please!

        1. Alessio Post author

          Hi Kishan,
          I would definitely join SiteGround instead of Bluehost. They have an amazing customer service that will help you doing the transfer for FREE. With Bluehost they charge you $150.

          Answering your questions:
          1. Yes if you don’t unsubscribe. Before unsubscribe make sure to ask the Siterubix customer service for the BACKUP of your website and the database.
          2. Yes, backup of the entire site and database. Keep them on your computer so later you can give them to the SiteGround customer service and they can restore the website for you.
          3. Yes.
          4. There are many comments with precise instructions, you can read them and get a better idea of what to do. But THIS GUIDE is really complete and useful, you just have to follow step by step.
          Other useful comment you may want to read are THIS, THIS and THIS.

          Let me know if you need more help, I’ll try to answer you ASAP.

  37. Scott

    Very good point, Alessio. While Wealthy Affiliate has a very good hosting service, unless you have a LOT of websites hosted on WA, it can be a bit expensive.
    Blue Host is inexpensive, has good customer service, and great reviews. Most people I know that use it are happy with it and recommend it to their friends.
    ~ Scott

  38. Andrea Roa

    Great post! Well explained. I left WA 4 months ago and I read a lot of blogs so I can make the change safely. Thank God I did well. But your post would have saved me a lot of time 🙂


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