How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple (and Free)

In this post I’m gonna tell you how to migrate wordpress website from one host to another, without any hassle and without being a skilled webmaster. Everyone can do this. Easy and simple -


This guide is suitable for every user, especially for who is coming from SiteRubix hosting (Wealthy Affiliate).

In this post, I’m gonna tell you how to migrate WordPress website from one host to another, without any hassle and without being a skilled webmaster. Everyone can do this. Easy and simple. This guide is suitable for EVERYONE that is currently using ANY host (Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc) and wants to change to a new RELIABLE hosting without having the hassle to migrate the website by himself. Read the post until the end. 

>>> If you are in a hurry, just skip to the guide <<<


In the previous tutorial (How To Move Your Site From Wealthy Affiliate To Another Hosting) I was guiding you through all the steps to move your website specifically from Wealthy Affiliate to Bluehost.

After several years, I found out that Bluehost is still a good service, but it lacks in something. So I went searching for other web hosting and after many hours and days, reading tons of reviews and comments, I choose to try these 3 hosting:

SiteGround Guide - How To Move Your Website To Another Hosting No Hassle - 3 Logos -

The Comparison

1&1 is very cheap. When you start using it you understand also why. I bought a domain name first because was something like $1.00, then when I had the need to move from WA I decided to buy the hosting too. I was new to this hosting world, so I just looked at the price, the cheapest, the better. Wrong decision.
Very soon I faced the problem how to move my site from the old hosting to the new one. 1&1 don’t have a chat service, they really seldom answer the emails and when they do, the answer comes 2-3 days later (if you are lucky). And you know that on the internet days = ages. Moving my website was a real nightmare. Lucky me, I found a friend that taught me what to do, and somehow in less than one week, I had my website on the new hosting.

Later on, I was so disappointed by the 1&1 service, that for another website I tried SiteGround. The thing that made me go with them was the ultra-friendly and ultra-fast Customer Care Service. In less than one minute there is always someone that provides help in real time. At the question “How do I move my site from my old hosting to the new one?” they just replied “Don’t worry, we will do it for you. For FREE.” And they did. Easy peasy. In half an hour they moved my website from my old hosting to the new SiteGround hosting. Excellent! 

GoDaddy has a big name and big reputation. However, as many of the big names companies, there are more cons than pro going with GoDaddy. Limited disk space and database, huge corporation (that means that they could not care too much about their customers) and if you decide to, it is very difficult to leave. I tried to contact them a couple of time but the chat didn’t work. So I just dropped GoDaddy.

The Best Hosting

The best hosting among all the other hosting provider is SiteGround, without any doubt.

  • 24/7 chat support, ticket support and call support
  • good pricing for the WordPress plans
  • FREE SSL certificate – almost mandatory if you want to rank high on google
  • super-friendly customer service
  • easy and hassle-free website migration (FREE of charge)

Unless you are a super-skilled-web-developer-super-hero, you’ll want to have a customer service that is always available, fast and expert, that will guide you step-by-step and in real time, for which you don’t have to pay any extra money.

Now I’m gonna tell you how to move your website from the old hosting to the new one. I suppose that you come from Wealthy Affiliate, but this guide is good even if you come from another host, in this case, you can skip to section 3.

Let’s start!


If you stop the payment you won’t be able to access your username and password details anymore. When your membership expires you won’t get any commission if you have some credit from an affiliate too.


Save or note your Admin details such as login username and password to access the site (ex. admin, xyz12345). Save or note your username and password for the FTP access (ex. ftp_123456, xyz12345). You may need the FTP username and password in order to transfer your site.

SiteGround Guide - How To Move Your Website To Another Hosting No Hassle Take Notes -


Buy your new hosting here >>> WordPress optimized hosting – SiteGround.


Update: Now the Account Setup is much easier. Just provide the login details and the technical team will migrate the content of your website from the old hosting to the new.

SiteGround New Wizard Set Up -


Go to SiteGround’s homepage and start the chat using the “Live Chat” at the top right corner. Tell the guy that answer, that you want to transfer your website. He will tell you what to do (basically nothing). Be ready with the user credential for the FTP access, you will have to give the username and password, in order to make them move your website – for free.

Now the very important thing, the transfer MAY TAKE A WHILE, so please:

Keep calm and don't panic -


When your website is stored in the new hosting, you will have to change the DNS in your domain registrar account (like NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc).

If you are coming from Wealthy Affiliate what you have to do is go to SiteDomain –> Settings –> Name Servers, and change the Name Servers with the ones from SiteGround. 

The Name Servers from Wealthy Affiliate will be something like this:


replace with the SiteGround ones that will look something like this:

If the tech team of SiteGround did the migration, you will receive a ticket reply with all the information you need, in order for the domain to start loading the content on SiteGround’s end. (It is amazing, isn’t it?) If you want to know the process and DIY here a step-by-step guide:

If you didn’t receive the email from SiteGround with the Name Servers, you can go to your SiteGround User Area –> My Accounts –> Information & Settings

Look for Account DNS. You will see something like:

The Name Server (account DNS) changes depending on your plan and server’s location, so they may be slightly different. SiteGround Guide - How To Move Your Website To Another Hosting No Hassle -

Take note of both your Account DNS.

Go to the admin area of your domain name registrar and under the domain name replace the old DNS with the new one from SiteGround.

Save and wait for the DNS change to propagate. It may take up to 24 hours. Once again, please:

Keep calm and don't panic -


After 24 hours everything should be working fine and smooth. Check your website using the Incognito Windows of your browser. At this point, if everything is good, you can eventually stop the payment to Wealthy Affiliate. Notice that you will be not able to do ANYTHING on the Wealthy Affiliate website (even access to your profile) if you aren’t under the Premium Membership, so be sure to say goodbye to your WA’s friends before stop the payment.


If you want to have everything under one roof, you can transfer your domain name to SiteGround too. This service cost only $15 and it comes with an additional year of registration. To be able to do this you’ll need to own the domain name for at least 60 days. This step is optional, so it really doesn’t affect the performance of your site. I have my 2 main websites all under SiteGround while the others under NameCheap.

In order to transfer the Domain Name go to your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard, and under Site Domains, turn OFF the Transfer Lock.

Turn OFF the Transfer Lock in the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Be sure to install the new FREE authority certificate Let’s Encrypt. Here you can find how: Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL Certificate For Your Website

You just moved your website safely and quickly! Now it is time for a deserved, fresh beer!

SiteGround Guide - How To Move Your Website To Another Hosting No Hassle - Cheers -


If you need some other advice or any kind of help, just leave a message below I’ll be more than happy to help you!

82 thoughts on “How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple (and Free)

  1. kong

    I took your advice and signed up for Siteground. (I plan to end my Wealthy Affiliate payments in a few weeks) However, I am stuck at the the registration process . Siteground needs :
    1. Control Panel type : (????)
    2. C panel url : (????)

    I have no idea where to get it. I gave my FTP username and passwords to the Siteground support and even my wordpress admin logins and url and they told me that is not the info that they needed and asked me to contact WA. I contacted WA support with this and they replied this : “We have installed any control panel on the server. ” Which is not even an answer!
    Can you explain exactly what is the control panel type ? And where to get the c panel url ? (is it the Wealthy Affiliate login page ?
    [I have read your instructions here and cannot find the answer].
    Please help. Thanks.

    – Kong-

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Kong,
      first of all, don’t panic. Everything can be solved and it’s not a big issue.

      Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t use cPanel. This is a HUGE limitation that WA imposes on their customers, so if you can’t find your cPanel credential, the SiteGround team should be able to migrate your website using the FTP username and password you gave them or using a backup of your website and database.

      To get the backup of your website and database, contact the WA/Siterubix customer care and ask them for:
      1. the backup of your website(s) (from Siterubix support);
      2. the database of your website(s) (from Siterubix support).

      Those are two files. When you have both, the database and website backup, you can contact SiteGround customer care and tell them you have the backup files for the migration. They will set up the files in your new hosting.

      If you have any problem please come back here, I’ll try to help you as much as I can.

  2. Shannon

    Hey, thanks for this! I never used Cpanel or anything because in WA, everything is right there. Will that affect my ability to transfer the site? I’d like to have the site moved as soon as possible, but am not entirely sure how to go about it without having cpanel. Any guidance would be super appreciated!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Every hosting has cpanel, WA included.
      The guide on this website it easy and clear to follow, almost one hundred people successfully transferred their websites following this guide.
      However, if you’re not comfortable doing the migration by yourself, the Siteground support will be gladly migrate your website in your behalf.
      Pro tip: purchasing a 12/24 months hosting at the first sign up will save you so much money than buying only one or two months. The website will start monetize not earlier than 6 months. If you think it’ll take less than that you’ll be disappointed.

      follow this guide

  3. Reim

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful guide!
    I have a question: Do I have to transfer my domain to SiteGround registrar once I move my website? The thing is that I transferred my domain name from GoDaddy to WA a bit less than a month ago and I want to move my website. However, I can’t transfer my domain name again to any registrar apart from GoDaddy for a period of 60 days. Does that mean I have to wait another month to be able to move my website? Or is it not necessary?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Reim,
      You can have your domain and domain name under two different companies.
      So you’ll be able to move the website to Siteground while having the domain name under WA. The only thing I’m not sure is what will happen if you unsubscribe to WA. I’d suggest that you ask the siterubix support for this. They’re usually helpful and fast in the replies.


  4. Alexander

    Thank you for this informative article. I am looking at moving my websites outside of WA to another hosting company, as I am thinking of cancelling my membership at WA. I am no longer using the training and just using it to host my sites. At the moment I am focusing on one of my sites and looking at redoing another.

    WA has taught me very well and the only training that has helped my generate multiple income streams online. However, it is time to move on and more cost effective using just a hosting company for my sites. WA is quite expensive if you just using for hosting your sites and nothing else.

    I’ve been looking at Bluehost but your site has introduced me about SiteGround and GreenGeeks. I am wondering which one you still recommend? Is SiteGround still the best hosting company? What about GreenGeeks? I will be using WordPress for all of my blogs and they must have SSL. I assume both SiteGround and GreenGeeks provide SSL for all of our sites as part of the monthly price package?

    The other question is about emails. How do you move your email account from the original hosting company like WA to the new one? Is this a simple process? I have a few domains where I have email accounts setup for communicating with visitors.

    A great article and awesome website, thanks for sharing.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Alexander,
      thank you for taking the time to share your experience on WA and on my website 🙂

      Answering to your questions:

      Email: you’ll have to create “new” email addresses on your new hosting. That mean that if you have, you’ll have to create the same email address on your new hosting (super easy process). Once you create the email address in your new hosting, you can delete the email address in the old one. Now, all the emails sent to from now on, will go to the new hosting. Bear in mind that you’ll not be able to see the old messages in your new email account. You may have to set the forwarder emails again (if you have them). For example, you can forward all your websites emails,,, to your Gmail account e.g. . From there you can handle all the emails and answer as if you were on your website email. Many cpanels have the option to export the email and forwarder settings. If this is not clear or you’d like to know how let me know, I’ll do a short guide for this.

      Hosting: I used Bluehost, SiteGround and now I’m with GreenGeeks. With Bluehost, I didn’t have a pleasant experience. SiteGround instead has an astonishing customer service. In the last three years, I’ve been with them and I couldn’t recommend enough. Unfortunately this year I had to reduce my budget for the hosting. SiteGround fee for one year with multiple websites (GrowBig plan) was around $199, while GreenGeeks plan for multiple websites was only $35.40. GreenGeeks is a smaller company compared to SiteGround but still has 24/7 customer service and free migration for the website. The interesting thing is that they use 100% of renewable energy to power their server. Also GreenGeesks offer a free SSL for your website, even though with everyone can set up an HTTPS in few minutes.

      If I were in you I’d start with the less expensive hosting and give it a try. If you’re satisfied with the cheap option, why not?
      GreenGeeks is having a promotion from 19th Dec to 27th Dec using this link, illimited websites + free migration only $2.95/month on the 36 months plan.
      SiteGround has the 60% off for new customers but the price for multiple websites is $5.95/month link >>>

      Please let me know what you choose and if there’s anything that I can do for helping you better, just let me know.
      I’d love if you could share my article on Wealthy Affiliate. I still remember the pain and struggle I had to go through when I had to quit WA and there was no guide or blog post to help me switching hosting.

      1. Alexander

        Hi Alessio,

        Thank you for your response and the extra information. Yes I think if you could do a post on a short guide on the email transfer that would be great! 🙂

        I think I will go for GreenGeeks they look great and like about their green renewable energy. Groundsite looks rather expensive but I’ll investigate. That promotion with GreenGeeks from 19 Dec to 27 Dec looks awesome.

        I also wanted a hosting company that has an affiliate program so if GreenGeeks work out well then I’ll promote them on my site. 😉

        Also thank you for that link on the SSL creation. I have a software developer background so any low level technical stuff for me is fine if needed and then I can then teach others.

        While I appreciate my time at WA and they have good training. I felt they have also deceptive tactics. They seem to suggest that WA is the place to be for secure SSL and protecting your website. I am sure they do have good security on their hosting platform but so does other places like the hosting companies mentioned above. I guess its just marketing and a way of retaining their members which makes sense for business.

        But as with your link you can do the SSL for free.

        I had other issues that bothered me inside WA with some members discretely copying my material and promoting as their own inside WA where you can create your own training modules. And this was from high profile members successfully promoting WA. They could have linked back to where they got the information from. I can’t prove it but clearly not cool.

        I think I got your link to this page from someone inside WA who was discussing about moving their sites outside of WA – but I will post the link to this page anyway in a blog post inside WA. But I think it might be frowned upon but I’ll do it when I give my goodbyes after I’ve safely moved my websites.

        I’ll also give you an update on how I get on.


          1. Alexander

            Thanks for your reply! In the end I have gone for SiteGround as they fully support SSL with Lets Encrypt and they had great reviews for site speed. I went for their 12 month package so I’ll see how I get on with them for the next year. But at the moment they look great. Their support for moving my first website over was great.

        1. Camille Garcia

          Hello Alexander,

          My name is Camille, and I am currently trying out WA. For how long did you stay with them? WOuld you say its worth the money? ALso now that you are managing your websites on your own, do you have any advice for having multiple websites? I just want to be sure I should continue with WA or look elsewhere.
          Thank you

          1. Alessio Post author

            Hi Camille,
            I would like to share my experience too. I was with WA for few months but honestly, I finished learning from that platform in a couple of weeks. There are tons of free resources online that can satisfy your needs. The knowledge in WA is very low considering the fact that the people that are in WA are in your same position, they don’t know and they need to learn. Whatever you need, just ask Google (or leave a comment or send me a message).
            You can either start with the Basic Plan (one website) on SiteGround and eventually sign up for the Grow Big Plan (multiple websites) later on when you are ready to build a second website. The best advice here is to get at least 2 years of subscription so you’ll benefit from the discount for 2 years. Consider that a good website start to get traffic after 6 months (more or less). Hope this help 🙂

            PS. check out the SiteGround plans here

  5. edwin

    Hi Sir,
    Thank you for this guide. I will now start the process of transferring my site from WA to Siteground based on your instructions and recommendations. My membership will end on Sept 25 and I will not renew. All including the domain is purchased through WA. I hope all will be smooth. I will provide an update and surely ask some help. Thanks in advance.

  6. Matevz

    Thank you for this information. Unfortunately, I stopped the payment at WA before successfully transferring the site to another hosting service. However, I did save username and passwords (both FTP and website), and I also did a backup with ManageWP as you recommended.

    To your knowledge is that should be enough for a new host provider to transfer my website or do I need to resubscribe with WA?

    P.S. I contacted WA support but they can’t help me if I am not an active member …

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Matevz,
      You should have the backup of the database. Usually the WA support should give you a copy. Your website on WA will be available for 30 days from your unsubscription.
      Same goes for the FTP access to your website, the website should be available to transfer for 30 days after you stop the Wealthy Affiliate payments.
      If you go with SiteGround the guys will try to get the migration from the FTP, and in case they will tell you if they need something more.
      Let us know if you manage to migrate your website successfully.
      Best of luck!

  7. Kishan Prajapati

    Hey! I took my backup from my WordPress dashboard itself. But the problem is when I tried to open doesn’t open. Plus I have also copy the link of backup will it work in SiteGround suppose I join SG and create website and restore date into new site. Is it possible? because the main problem is Siterubix Subdomain has so many problems..which out of my mind….please you can suggest me valid thing… Do I need to start my fresh website as in my previous Subdomain site it has no traffic at all. because my focus was just to learn. and that’s why I didn’t purchase my own domain I guess I can start from begging.. is it okey with SiteGround to start my Fresh Start.?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Kishan, that’s simply perfect. With SiteGround you’ll have a FREE domain name, so when you subscribe to SiteGround you can choose your own domain name.
      You don’t have to open the backup of your website, don’t bother with that. Be sure to have: 1. Backup of the website, 2. Database of the website. For the database you may have to ask the Siterubix support to send it to you. They are usually very efficient and friendly, so you shouldn’t have any problem.

      So, what you have to do is:
      1. Get the backup of your website (from Siterubix support);
      2. Get the database of your website (from Siterubix support);
      3. Subscribe to SiteGround HERE, you can choose either StartUp or GrowBig. If you choose StartUp, you can always upgrade to GrowBig anytime;
      4. Choose your new domain name (Free with the hosting plan);
      5. Open a support ticket with the SiteGround support telling them you want to migrate your website;
      6. Wait until they do the work for you;
      7. Enjoy your website 🙂

      If you want to simply start a brand new website you can follow the steps above and just skip the #5 and #6.

  8. Lauren

    I am in the process of transferring my site from WA to site ground and having a lot of trouble! The backup URL provided by WA is not recognized by SG, as the DNS have not been changed to the new hosting. Is that changed after the transferring of the website, or before? Any Suggestions? Thanks!

  9. Richa

    Thanks Alessio for step by step instructions. It’s really helpful.

    I have a little problem though. I gave my all FTP details to SiteGround support person. FTP username, FTP password, URL. But he is not able to connect and saying that “connection is timing out”. He is asking for “host name or the IP address of your server to establish a FTP connection for website”

    Do you have any idea what’s the IP address of WA server?


    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Richa,
      you’ll have to contact the WA customer service, and tell them you have to change the host, if they can provide you the database and file backup for your website. They’ll send you a link where to download everything.
      Then tell them that you want to migrate the DOMAIN NAME too, so they should ON the switch for you :). The switch is just a security measure to avoid that others somehow “steal” your domain name.
      Please let me know if you need anything else 🙂


      1. Richa

        Hi Alessio,

        Thanks a lot for your reply. You are saving lots of lives who are struggling with migration. 🙂

        I took the backup myself and saved it at Dropbox.
        My Domain name is with Namecheap and I am not planning to migrate it right now.
        In that case, do I need to ON the switch?

        Once database is migrated and Nameservers are changed at Namecheap, can I safely cancel my membership at Wealthy Affiliate? Or do I need to verify anything else?

        Thanks again for your help.

        1. Alessio Post author

          After everything is done, go on this website ->, enter your website address, select NS from the menu and then press “Search”. It will show where your domain name is pointing and it should be to SiteGround.
          If everything is correct, then you can safely cancel the membership with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂
          Keep the domain name with Namecheap, it is not a problem, I find the user interface very easy and clear, so I have myself some domain names with them.
          Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  10. Leah

    I have to do this, and soon. But now I’m so confused. I know ZIP about web things. Do I need to do anything from the article with the title about how to move your site from wealthy affiliate to another host? Or do I not do any of that and only do the few steps in this article about how to migrate wordpress website easy? As it was mentioned, wealthy affiliate is fabulous and all that, but I only have time for one website in my life and it is just too expensive for only one website.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Leah,
      depending on which hosting do you prefer, you can follow one of the two guides. I suggest to use SiteGround and follow the guide on the article How To Migrate WordPress Website Easy and Simple. If you look at the previous comments, ALL the friends that switched to SiteGround are satisfied.
      Few weeks ago they improved the sign up process, so what you have to do is just fill the form with the URLs of your old hosting, give the username and password and the technical team will do all the migration process for you. It is amazing that they do this for free as all other hosting are asking more than $150.

      Please let me know if you need further assistance, I’ll be happy to help you 🙂

      1. Leah Presser

        Thank you so much for the help. I bought the SiteGround hosting but don’t know anything about control panel types? What is a control panel URL? These are things SiteGround’s prompts are asking me but I don’t know and they aren’t familiar with Wealthy Affiliate. Do you know?

        1. Alessio Post author

          Hi Leah,
          the control panel URL is the URL that you see in the URL bar when you are in the backend of your hosting. For example, in SiteGround is the area where you can see the CPanel and etc.
          Did you try to contact the guy with the chat/call? They are usually really helpful and can guide you through the process.

          Please let me know

      2. Leah Presser

        The part where you say “All you have to do is just fill the form with the URLs of your old hosting” sounds easy but it’s not easy for someone like me who doesn’t know what “control panel” means or how to find information about it. I don’t know, you might want to explain that part, too. Also, I noticed Wealthy Affiliate has an “ON/OFF” switch in the setting where you find your FTP login, and that switch is automatically set to “ON” and when it is ON it means it is blocked from transferring the site to another domain, I think. It’s called a Transfer Lock and it says this: “Domain registration lock must be turned OFF in order to initiate the transfer process and move it to another domain registrar. Be careful with this setting if you do not intend to move your domain as it is your protection of your domain being transferred out of your control. We suggest leaving Transfer Lock ON. “

  11. Kayla Ostrander

    Hi, I am in the process of switching my hosting to SiteGround. First of all, I want to really thank you for your step by step instructions of EVERYTHING. Between SiteGround and you this process has been much easier.

    Okay so I just pointed my domain to SiteGround’s server and am waiting for that. After that goes through SoteGround says I should transfer my domain to SiteGround, which I want to do. The only thing is I have only owned the domain for less than 2 months, will I need to wait to transfer it? And if I have to wait does that mean I have to pay for another month of WA?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Kayla,
      I’m happy to hear that you choose the easy way! 🙂
      I already see that your website is pointing to the SiteGround Servers in US! Well done!

      If you are referring to the DOMAIN NAME (the name of your website) you don’t need to pay another month in WA. I think you purchased the DOMAIN NAME from some other domain name registrar (like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc).
      In this case you have to release the domain name from your registrar (it is like a pin code that you’ll have to give to the SiteGround guys), and then ask SiteGround for the transfer.
      It is not mandatory to have the domain name under the same company as your hosting, but it will help just for organisation point of view. SiteGround domain name’s are $1-2 more expensive than others. But for example, I have a couple of domain names under SiteGround and others under NameCheap, while ALL my hosting is ONLY SiteGround.

      Let me know if it is clear, if not I can try to guide you through the process 🙂

      1. Kayla Ostrander

        I understand. I just was concerned because I bought the domain directly from the Wealthy Affiliate website. I thought you had to wait like a couple of months before you could transfer it.

          1. Kayla Ostrander

            Okay so you realize that you’re pretty much amazing right? You saved me hundred, possibly thousands of dollars by giving me the information I needed to switch from WA. And on top of that you gave me clear step by step instructions on how to get my site encrypted which I would’ve never known.

            I just wanted to let anyone who bought their domain directly from WA know that if you switch before the 60 days you will have to wait to transfer it(just point your domain name as Alessio says above) but WA support says you will still have access to that part of the site after your membership is gone. So you can transfer them after the 60 days without keeping your membership.

          2. Alessio Post author

            Thank you so much Kayla,
            good to know that you did the transfer without down time or problems 🙂

            Thank you for the information, I’ll add to the guide!

  12. Todd

    So my brother stupidly cancelled his account with WA before transferring. He did however get the WP theme through scraping and is able to put it on a friends Hosting server for time being. *PROBLEM* He of course got the cancellation for the domains: “This is a notice that the following domains will be deleted from the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Network in 30 days.” about a week ago. HOW the hell can we get the domains transferred to the new host? It’s not like he registered the domains with GoDaddy or something…does he even Own the domains or did WA secretly buy them and made it appear as though he owns them? I am in the dark here. Thanks!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Are you talking about the DOMAIN NAME?
      Unless they changed something, the DOMAIN NAME is something that you will buy from another source. Wealthy Affiliate only provide the hosting.

  13. Noble

    I followed your instructions to migrate my WA website to Siteground. The team did the transfer for me. Their live chat support was very helpful, just like you mentioned. WA is a great community but too expensive for my budget. Currently, I am looking for a keyword research tool to replace that of WA keyword tool. I will appreciate any ideas.

    Currently, I am working Ezoic( adtesting which is great if your AdSense earnings are dwindling or need to monetize your website with ads.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Noble,
      glad that you found my guide helpful!

      Regarding the keyword tool I’m looking for a substitute too.
      What I found is that most of the professional blogger are using Long Tail Pro – 10 days trial for $1 – or $37/month if billed monthly or $25/month if billed annually.
      Then other are Marktet Samurai, Jaaxy (that is under WA), Moz, Semrush. These are some of the names that I have heard from professional SEO and blogger, with the most of them using Long Tail Pro and second Market Samurai.

      Unfortunately for this kind of tool there are only Premium version, that however are still cheaper that the one in WA.

      If you find something that is free please let me know. Be aware that there is difference between SEO keywords and ad keywords

  14. Tim Rawlins

    Ok, Now my site is almost totally moved and I think most of my problems were from a misunderstanding on my part so I owe Siteground an apology and also Alessio.

    It’s true. I am impressed with the quality of help I received from Siteground.
    Also, they are very quick to respond and courteous, so they are everything they are cracked up to be and more.
    There might have been a small communication barrier there but the biggest problem was that I became impatient and panicked a little, not understanding that if you do the process correctly it still takes time. Which I should have known, because they told me, I overlooked it.
    I am still unsure if everything from my original site came to the new site because it migrated it over here or because they were able to upload it from the file I saved to my computer.
    So dont quit WA right away, get all of your usernames and passwords from everything. Back up your computer, and dont be in a rush, I had an entire month left on my WA account but I started the process right away, just in case there was a glitch that lasted a couple weeks or more, because you never know.
    Anyway, again my apologies.
    Thanks Alessio for the help and for coming to my site and commenting. You are a stand up guy.
    I highly recommend Siteground. Actually, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate too if you need trained from the ground up.

    Thanks Alessio, for all of your help, I’ll check out more of your work.
    All the best….Tim

    1. Alessio Post author

      Thank you Tim for your follow up comment!
      Really happy to hear that everything went well.

      I panicked too when I did the migration, I totally understand you! I’ll make it clearer in the guide Dont’ Panic!.

      Thank you again, wish you the best!

      1. Tim Rawlins

        I love the “Dont Panic” sign you put up! Great advice for migrating websites as well as navigating through life! Best of luck to you, thanks for all of your great help. I’m so happy with my Siteground support I’m thinking of becoming an affiliate as well. Godspeed!

  15. Tim Rawlins

    …its almost like they dont get it… Ok, you can start adding content now…what about my content?…Ok, theres your pluggins….What about my content?

    1. Alessio Post author

      It is that by the time you wrote and I reply now your site is online already.
      I checked from here and everything seems fine, the links are working too!

      All the best!

  16. Tim Rawlins

    I have tried moving my site to Siteground and it has pretty much been a cluster for the last few days. I did back up my small website to my computer using WP clone, which may have been a mistake, time will tell. I gave Siteground all my ftp info that I retrieved from Wealthy Affiliate site after I rejoined and it has been one little thing after another, much of it was my misunderstanding of a few things but the siteground crew has been good about helping me along the way.
    I uploaded my cloaned website into the file system as they asked me to do- since I had already changed my dns and pointed the site to them I could no longer get to my wordpress dashboard through WA. SG told me they needed it for the export. Since I could no longer provide it for them, I told them I could provide a backup, which I did with their tutelage. Then they responded that it was only content and data and would I like them to upload wordpress to my site, which I had made the assumption it was all lumped into the cloning process. So they uploaded wordpress, so I could get to the site dashboard which had nothing on it. I asked them what I needed to do to get my site to look like it did when I last saw it, which has been quite a while back. So I asked them to upload my content to the new wordpress they uploaded for me and they replied that, ok, we did it, so I looked up my site using the IP address and it just had the top of my header and nothing else. I posted another note on the “ticket” that all I could see was my header and the dreaded 404 thingy and then I decided maybe if I used the clone pluggin I could retrieve my site from my own computer but when I went to my site dashboard for wordpress I could not log in. So, I opened up the ticket again and told them what was going on. I am now waiting for my reply. There seems to be some miscommunication going on here. I just want to see my site. Dont get me wrong, I have learned a bunch. Where is my actual website? I’m afraid its floating around in outer space somewhere and I may never see it again. Or it has vaporized into the atmosphere. I hope it is in a file on the Siteground cpanel. Anyway, it has been anything but simple and easy so far.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Tim,
      Before I start answering you please remember this: SiteGround customer service is there for you and they are professionals, don’t get pissed off at them because what they want to do is just helping you.

      As I can understand, you have your backup of the website, and that’s good.
      Do you have the backup of your database too?

      As I understand, the website is online and you see the homepage, but when you click the link there is a 404 error. You said that you are on your website using the ip address, the link instead are not with the ip address but with your domain name. So it is just a matter of settings.
      To solve this issue you have first to set the DNS pointing at the SiteGround servers (ask them which are your DNS), to do that you have to go to your domain name registrar (like namecheap or similar) and change the settings there. The DNS could take 12 hours to change, so be patient.
      After 12 hours go to your dashboard on the site, click on settings >general and choose the URL format that you like (usually is Then save it. This will change the url into your database and fix eventually broken url.

      I’m so sorry I can’t help you more but I’m from the phone with limited Internet and in a couple of hours I’ll have no Internet for one week.

      Please, trust the SiteGround team as they are really really good. When you open a ticket try to be as much clear as you can while explaining your problem and what you want.

  17. Wong

    Hi Alessio, since I have not started my website in WA. Does it make more sense to start straight in Siteground + WordPress with their website builder instead of using WA’s site domain & hosting. In your experience with both, will the tutorials in WA still be relevant?

    1. Alessio Post author

      If you have not started your website in WA, yes, it makes sense to directly start in SiteGround using WordPress.

      WA is great to give you a direction, steps to follow, it is a good checklist. But quite expensive though.
      You can find the same information on the web, for free.
      In my experience, WA is too expensive for what it can offer to you (unless you are their affiliate). There is very very little (if not inexistent) professional support and all the support is giving by people like you that just started, so many times it is limited, not trustable or even wrong.

      Remember, that once you join the paid WA membership and then you stop the payment, you’ll be not able to see anything anymore (not even your personal profile). The one month free trial is different since you can still see some resources and your profile page, but if you get the paid membership and then you stop, you’ll have your access denied for the entire Wealthy Affiliate website.

      If you want specific instruction to follow for your case, just send me an email, I’ll write you the steps to do and where to look to start 🙂

    1. Alessio Post author

      You are welcome!
      If you need anything, just drop a message, and please let us know how the migration goes 🙂
      For any problem during the transfer, don’t hesitate to use the SiteGround chat support, it is great.

      1. chris campagnaro

        I’ve started it, … have an open ticket for the website(s) transfer, and have changed the DNS settings over at NameCheap so now pointing to SiteGround servers, … so just waiting to hear from techs now I guess.

        Just wondering:
        1) Once my sites are moved over, up and running at SiteGround, will the WordPress Site-Building environment be somewhat similar to what I’ve become used to with Wealthy Affiliate?
        2) Do I have to install WP, or is that done automatically since I bought WP hosting?


        1. chris campagnaro

          OK, so this is proving not easy at all. You made it sound pretty seamless, and as though SightGround just takes care of it all for you.

          This is not at all what I’m experiencing. After a long conversation via the TS ticket in which I’m being told repeatedly that they can’t do it and need something else (that I haven’t a clue how to do), I’ve asked to close the account and get a full refund.

          The few credentials that you claim in your post are all that is needed to have the a WA site migration completed for you, DON’T CUT IT! I

          1. Alessio Post author

            could you please tell me what problems are you facing?
            The SiteGround team will move your site for free, you shouldn’t do anything, just provide them your ftp username and password for the WA account. Or just download a copy of your website (using the plugin BackUPwp) and the database. They will do it for you.
            If you notice, many people did it already, following the instructions, so I’m sure you can do it too. But if you are having some other issues, please just get in touch with me, I’ll try to help you as much as I can.
            Basically the steps you have to do IN THIS ORDER are:
            1) Buy new hosting
            2) Ask the SiteGround team to move your website
            3) Change DNS
            4) Unsubscribe from WA

            If you do these 4 steps in this order, you’ll have your website online without any interruption.

            In reply to your first question:
            1) Yes, the building environment will be the same. Nothing will be different.
            2) No, you don’t need to install WP on the new hosting, it will be done automatically. But if you want, you can build as many website you want, in WP or other different CMS.

            Let me know

  18. Wong

    Thanks Alessio for your write up. My question is more towards maintaining existing website rankings once migrated to new host. Can you share your experience on how has migrating hosting affect your website ranking (if it did) and what tips you have for us to make sure Google and other search engine is crawling the new site at it’s new location properly.

    1. Alessio Post author

      I didn’t experienced any ranking issue after the change.
      The site will be crawled as usual as the domain name will convert to the new host, you aren’t changing the urls, so your site maps will still be the same.

      The only “issue” that I experienced lately was when I add the SSL certificate to another website, it affected all the shares count, since the address changed from “http://….” to “https://….” all my old shares are gone. I still didn’t find a solution to recover and merge the old shares with the new ones.


  19. Krys

    Hi, great post! I am having some trouble though. My membership has ended and now I can not access my account on WA. Is there anyway to still transfer my site info over to siteground? Or will I have to pay for another month in order to do this? I wish I found this article before I let my membership end :(.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Alessio Post author

      I am sorry, but it seems that once your membership ended there is no choice other than paying another month 🙁
      However, after this, you will be great with SiteGround! They are really amazing.
      Let me know how it goes.


  20. aryana

    Hello Alessio, I already take backup of my site through WPManage worker.I purchased” ipage hosting”. I don’t know how to upload files now. Can u help me?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Aryana,
      I’m sure that the support of iPage can help you better that me as I don’t know how it works the backend of iPage.
      In general, you’ll have to upload the files that you bakcup, in the folder on the iPage server (you need the ftp credential from iPage), then create an empty database (don’t know if iPage offer the tools to do, usually they do), then copy you old db in the new one.
      I see that iPage has a 24/7 chat support maybe they can help you better as it is a bit complicated.
      However, if you subscribe to SiteGround they offer a FREE migration service, it means that you don’t have to think about how to move your website.

      Please let me know if you need more help, but please be specific so I can help you better.

  21. Ben

    Thanks for the useful information!!

    So I went ahead and followed these instructions, made sure to save A:Username 2:Login password 3:ftp_**** 4:ftp password and I gave it over to them, and now they say that it’s not enough? Seriously? I didn’t see any other information at the website details at wealthy affiliate.

    They want the ftp host, ftp username, and ftp password. I think I gave it to them. Or they want access to the control panel. Know idea what that’s all about. How do I give them access to the control panel?

    Anyway, I have a less than a week before my website is canceled (the email from wa told me i have 14 days, maybe because this is my second time canceling the subscription) so I hope I figure something out soon!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Ben,
      I just migrated my sites with them (better, they did for me 🙂 ). It was super smooth.
      What I gave to them was the ftp username and password. Then if you are using wordpress, you’ll need to give them the Database.
      There are many plugin that can help you downloading the database. I’m using “BackWPup”, you have just to press “download database”. Then I compress the database creating a zip file and uploaded in the SiteGround ticket area where there is the “upload file”.
      Alternatively you can contact the Wealthy Affiliate website support asking them to provide you the database. They will answer in a couple of hours.

      If the SiteGround staff need something else they usually tell you what they need, if you don’t understand what they want you can always ask by chat or ticket.

      Bottom line
      You have to give them:
      1. website address
      2. ftp username
      3. ftp password
      4. database

      Let me know how it goes and if I can help you more.

      1. Ben

        Thanks. For some reason the password came up as an error. I only signed up there for a 1 month, so I went back to WA in the end.

        1. Alessio Post author

          Good to hear that you solved the problem.
          I just moved all my websites with SiteGround, and I’m really happy with them. I found out that WA is too limiting when it comes to do something more than set up a one-post-website.
          And the bad part of WA is that when you unsubscribe or don’t pay one month for any reason, you won’t see ANYTHING more that the page asking you to pay. No more private messages, no more dashboard, no more username and passwords, no more posts or other things.
          And with the same amount of money of one month in WA I can get hosting, domain name and tons of resources on and outside internet to help me grow my knowledge for more than one year. This is my humble opinion btw.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Greg,
      In Wealthy Affiliate is in your profile section, where you have the button to enter the site.
      You’ll find the ftp username and the password.

  22. chris

    Great Article,

    My membership with WA will be over as of October 5th, my question is this – would you recommend siteground or bluehost? I like bluehost and everything it has to offer as well but are you recommending siteground to be the better choice?

    1. Alessio Post author

      Actually I tried both. And I can surely say that the customer service from SiteGround is way better than Bluehost.
      I truly find them extremely friendly and helpful. And it has the FREE migration service that is a HUGE plus. (Here the guide if you decide to use BlueHost)
      Just a little story: weeks ago I had a problem with one plugin on WordPress. Browsing through the forum I found out that the staff from SiteGround contacted the developer of the plugin to solve the problem that the user was facing.
      Usually the hosting will tell you that the for problems you have to refer to the plugin developer and the plugin developer will say that you have to refer to the hosting. I was amazed.
      Go SiteGround.

      Web Hosting

      1. Travis

        I am back-and-forth between Bluehost and SiteGround. The prices seem cheaper for Bluehost, but I will have to pay to transfer my three .com domains, but I want to sell two soon.

        The good thing about SiteGround is they will migrate one of those .com domains for free, but I do not know how much I will get charged for the other two. Do you know how much?

        Two more questions: 1) can I upload my premium WP theme; 2) do you know how much SiteGround charges for the free domain after the first year is up?

        P.S. I’m glad we have connected via Google Plus, because this article came up just at the right time; my account ends with WA November 29th and I can’t (even though I prefer SiteRubix) invest for another year. Wealthy Affiliate offers a better hosting package, but it will cost me $120 more than SiteGround.

        1. Alessio Post author

          Hi Travis,
          I prefer SiteGround. The hosting is impeccable and the customer service is excellent.
          I’ll use the free migration for one website, the second and will be ~$30 (yes, thirty USD). However you can always ask them for instructions on the chat or ticket and do by yourself the second. It is not really difficult, but you have to know what to do. They will definitely help you. Plus they have very detailed guides to help you doing it by yourself. Bluehost charge $150 for the migration.

          1) Yes, you can upload your WP theme
          2) The first DOMAIN NAME in SiteGround is free for the first year, then is around $15/year. They are not the cheapest on the market when it comes to domain names. But if you want everything under one roof, it is only $5 more than the average. I have few websites with them and the others with NameCheap. However, even in NameCheap the second year is around $10.

          Choose the GrowBig plan, you’ll get a WildCard SSL for free for one website + Let’s Encrypt SSL free and SuperCacher for all the websites. I’d suggest you to choose either 24 months or 36, you’ll get more discount (quite a lot).

          Let me know if you need any assistance, I’ll be happy to help 🙂

  23. Sammie

    Very glad to have found this! It’s not that I don’t like WA or anything, because it really does have such a supportive community… It’s just that I now know what to lookup now to really keep the ball rolling as far as my blog goes.
    My question is will my email also switch over as well? I know that probably seems like a weird question, but I gots to know! Lol

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Sammy,
      when you subscribe to a new host you can make a new email with the same address as before (if you have your own domain name).
      However the OLD EMAILS that you received in the old hosting will be lost.
      example: --> old hosting --> 10 old emails, no more new emails --> new hosting --> 0 old emails, only new emails will come

      I hope this is clear enough! 😀

  24. Linda

    I have other websites from before Wealthy Affiliates. and I never monetized my WA site because I had only just begun it. Since joining WA, I have come to realize that I just don’t have time for yet another website right now. So I already quit WA about 3-4 weeks ago. Since I am not going to pay to host yet another site, will my WA site domain name that I got through namecheap ( be lost also? Thanks.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Linda,
      your domain name will remain yours until the end of the contract with Namecheap.
      BUT the content of the site will be lost after 30 days of the termination of your membership with WA. If you want to keep your content you should move the site to another host before the 30 days.
      Just to let you know, if you want you can make the domain name redirecting to one of your other websites.
      To do this, just change the DNS in the Namecheap admin panel of the domain name fitnessforwomenover50.

  25. Jude Banks

    Thanks for this info, Alessio. WA does the transfer-in service at no charge when someone moves their site from another host into WA, but understandably does not move the site out of WA. Makes business sense when you think about it.

    I’ll mention for anyone who is doing a transfer from WA to another host, first do a backup using a plugin. Next, make sure that changing the DNS address in the registrar account is the last thing you do after all the files have been moved over to the new host, not before (you have explained this in the correct order).

    WA gives 30 days to transfer a site out to another host after payment is stopped, but if the DNS address is changed at the domain registrar before the files are transferred (a common mistake) it prevents access to your site at WA and also prevents access to FTP. Then people think they haven’t been given 30 days, but that is not so.

    Easy enough to fix – change the DNS address back to point to WA and then proceed to upload or move the files to the new host via cpanel or FTP.

    Good to know that there is another hosting service out there willing to transfer sites “in” at no charge. I’m sure in the long run this saves unnecessary support tickets, lol.


    It’s not because payment for the Premium membership was stopped.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hey Jude!
      What you say is right, the DNS address should be the SECOND LAST THING to change. The very LAST THING is to stop the payment. If you stop the payment or you monthly membership expire, it is true that you have 30 days to move your website, but meanwhile you will be not able to access your profile in WA. So, if one didn’t save the username and password (both website and FTP), it will be a big problem.
      Unfortunately, I experienced this on my skin.

  26. tinnakon

    Thanks a lot for information I read it thoroughly and get the idea from yours. Do you think most web hosting provide this kind of facility? Have you ever heard of some place that might charge the fee for this? Thanks for the chat.

    1. Alessio Post author

      Not every hosting will provide this service, even if you pay. The ones that provide the migration service will charge you from $99 to $150… Crazy!
      I found that SiteGround is the only one that do it for free. I transfer one of my site with this service (though now I know how to do), and it was super fast.


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