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In this article, I’ll show you how to change Name Servers (nameservers) using NameCheap as domain name registrar. If you don’t have a domain name yet, head over here before continuing.


What is a name server?

A name server is an application that connect domain names (eg. to their respective IP address.
Very often the name servers are called DNS, therefore there’s a lot of confusion associated with name servers and DNS terminology.


What is a DNS?

A DNS or Domain Name System is a system that connects points every domain name to an IP address.
In brief, the DNS is a database where every domain name is connected to an IP address. Thanks to this, you can connect to this blog by typing in the URL bar. Without this system, you’ll have to remember the IP number for this website, which is something like And every website has a different number. One of the many Google’s IP addresses, for example, is (only certain IPs from Google’s pool work at any given time, this may or may not work for you at a specific time).


Where can I find my name servers?

After purchasing the hosting, you should receive a welcome email from your hosting provider. There you’ll find the details of your name servers. They should look something like this:

If you are hosted on SiteGround you can enter your account and go to My Account > Information & Settings > Account DNS. On the right you’ll find your nameservers.

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If for some reasons you are still unsure about what your name servers are, you can contact the Live Chat and ask for support.

Note down the two name servers and proceed the Namecheap dashboard.
In the Dashboard select “Domain List” from the left bar.
Here you will find a list of the domain names you purchased.
Click “Manage” of the domain you want to change nameservers.

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In the next window, beside NAMESERVERS, select “Custom DNS” and add your name servers. Then click on the tiny little green check mark on the right to confirm.
Allow 24/48 hours to the nameservers to propagate all over the world.

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After few hours check the propagation’s status using this free tool
Enter your website name, change the “A” to “NS”, and then press “Search”. All the results should show your new name servers.

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If you need additional help or have any questions, leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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