How To Buy A Domain Name (Beginner)

How To Buy A Domain Name (Beginner) - Cover -

In this article, I’ll cover how to buy a domain name for your new (or old) website. The process is easy if you follow the steps below.


First of all: what is a domain name?

The domain name is the address of your website, the name the people will type in the browser bar (URL) to visit. is a domain name, is a domain name.


What is the difference between domain name and web hosting?

I was pretty confused when I started building websites and didn’t understand the difference between a web hosting and a domain name. Almost all the services now offer both web hosting and domain names, while there are some services that are specialized in one of the two.
The web hosting (see SiteGround or GreenGeeks) is the place where the files of your websites are, some kind of cloud or hard disk.
The domain name (see Namecheap) is the address or a recognisable way for people to access those pictures and blog posts.
For example, I have all my and my clients’ domain names under Namecheap, because I think Namecheap has a great dashboard and interface for managing the domain names which is extremely easy and simple to use.
My hosting instead is with SiteGround and GreenGeeks because they offer killer hosting services and customer care.

If I have to make it even more simple, I’d say:
the web hosting is the home where your website lives
the domain name is the address of the home where your website lives.


How to buy a domain name?

Here’s the guide in easy and simple steps.

Go to Namecheap

in the main bar search the domain name you want. The results will show the available ones.
I won’t dig into how to choose a domain name, just make sure it is relevant to your kind of business/blog/passion/niche.

For example, searching for “letskillthenoise” gives me these resultsHow To Buy A Domain Name (Beginner) - Results -

If you want you can press on “Explore More” and have a nice selection of topics and also a useful “$1.00 or less” to filter all the domains selling under one dollar.
The “Retail” price is what you’ll pay to renew every subsequential year after the first.
How To Buy A Domain Name (Beginner) - Filter -

Once you choosed which domain name to buy, press on “add to cart” and then proceed for the checkout.
There is a promotion going on right now for WhoisGuard, FREE forever.How To Buy A Domain Name (Beginner) - Registration -

What is WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard is a privacy protection service that will hide your personal info in the public Whois database. If that sounds too complicated just trust me, it is something that you want in order to prevent spam—usually from self-proclaimed SEO gurus or other scam companies—to your email.

After you confirm the order, you will need to log in or create an account.
You can then pay with Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin.

Once you have your domain name, you can manage it from the dashboard of Namecheap.

Next thing you want to do is to choose the best hosting provider.

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  1. Annielouise

    Thank you for the tutorial. Definitely helps a beginner like me. I was too shy to ask my colleague but with your guide I manage to purchase my first domain. Thank You!


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