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Quickstart Glossary For Beginners

When I started my first website, I didn’t know anything about the online world. Hosting, domain, php, htaccess, dns, plugin, wordpress, and so many others were all meaningless words to me. I didn’t know what a DNS was. I didn’t know the difference between hosting, domain, and website. I didn’t even know what WordPress is.… Read More »


I just stumbled upon this article and I was surprised by the idea of it.

Listen to Wikipedia

I was looking for some chill music to ear during my work, and I found this amazing resource of sounds. Listen to Wikipedia is a project that translate the changes happening to the Wikipedia site into music. In the site page you can also watch bubble popping up when  someone add or delete content and new people join the community. The project develop and APP too.

Read about the all idea on CityLab.