About Me

Hi all,
My name is Alessio. I am a musician and tech enthusiast. Due to my frequent travels and passion for music, I needed to find an effective way to listen to music even with a lot of people and noises around me. During trips, I want to listen to my favourite artist’s latest song or write my own song while relaxing music plays in the background. But, it is difficult to concentrate with the noise of screaming babies, horns, police sirens, city sounds and loud people talking on cell phones. I discovered that trying to sleep with a plane engine’s deafening roars in my ears for seven hours nonstop is an unhappy experience. My mother told me she’d slept with a plane’s engine (my father, Ed.) for over 30 years. So, my search for effective ways to isolate from a noisy environment began, leading me to become an expert in earphones. My discoveries allow me to listen to my preferred music or simply sleep without the disruption of annoying sounds or my neighbour’s snore. And, my mom is also now happier and rested.

Check out the site for the latest headphones reviews. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the comment box below every post, the “Contact Me” form or drop me an email at info@letskillthenoise.com.



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