5 Best Travel Headphones With Noise Cancelling 2018

UPDATE: 22 Jan 2018

5 Best Travel Headphones With Noise Cancelling 2015 | letskillthenoise.comTravelling has always been in my blood. I remember when I was 4 years old, I grabbed my backpack, put in a Twinkie and my Teddy Bear and told my mother that I was leaving. That’s because I couldn’t watch TV as much as I wanted. In my youth, I always had the chance and the desire to travel. During the weekend, the trains were my second home and exploring the Country was my hobby.

When the time came to leave home for real, I found a job that allowed me to travel farther and farther away. At this point, I had to figure out how to work or sleep or listening to music in absolute quietness during the transfers by plane or train. This has been the point when I start to research about Noise Cancelling Technology.

Bose QC2

Photo by Sandeep Murali // cc

The first time I came across the Active Noise Cancelling Headphones was in 2004 with the BOSE QuietComfort 2 (QC2). This model was quite heavy and bulky, but with a good point of noise cancelling. The issue with this model was that you cannot switch off the NC and when the battery dies, so does the music.

After some years the natural upgrade to the QC3. The BOSE QuietComfort 3 comes with a lithium battery and sound and wearability improved.

After this two BOSEs, I just felt the need to try something new, so I looked around and start to try different set by different manufacturers. So, keep reading to find out the top 5 best travel headphones with noise cancelling of 2018.


5. BEATS Studio Wireless

BEATS Studio Wireless ANC | letskillthenoise.comBEATS Studio Wireless Front | letskillthenoise.comBEATS Studio Wireless Headband | letskillthenoise.com

These Over-Ear headphones combine design, style, comfortability and performance all in one. The BEATS Studio Wireless are a clear fashion statement.

Why choose this: great design, great noise cancelling, wireless. Read the full review here (LINK)

Where to buy: Amazon, Brookstone, BestBuy

Best price now: Amazon.com (Amazon’s Choice)

4. PSB M4U 2

PSB-M4U-2-anglePSB M4U 2 side | letskillthenoise.comPSB M4U 2 bottom | letskillthenoise.com

For the audiophiles, it is difficult to accept the Noise Cancelling Headphones due to their “artificial” sounds that correct the perception of the noises around and so affect the sounds. With the PSB M4U 2 maybe they will change their mind. The sound here is better than in the other competitors and the NC not so invasive.

Why choose this: I personally never tried it, but I read a lot of good reviews and comment about it.

Where to buy: Amazon, Brookstone, BestBuy

Best price now: Amazon.com (save $49)


3. AKG K 490 NC

AKG K 490 NC angle | letskillthenoise.comAKG K 490 NC top | letskillthenoise.comAKG K 490 NC side | letskillthenoise.com

This little gem is worth a try. Less expensive than the BOSE, the AKG K 490 NC are an On-Ear type. Completely foldable, the weight of this super-light headphones is only 150gr (compared to the >200gr of the competitors).

Why choose this: Good sound and materials combined with high portability and low price (for this niche).

Where to buy: Amazon, BestBuy

Best price now: Amazon.com (save $168.95) free shipping


2. BOSE QuietComfort 20i

BOSE QuietComfort 20i | letskillthenoise.comBOSE QuietComfort 20i iPhone | letskillthenoise.comBOSE QuietComfort 20i Battery | letskillthenoise.com

The only In-Ear headphones of this chart. I reviewed the QC21i some time ago. BOSE scored another touchdown with this model. Read the full review

Where to buy: Amazon (available for Apple and Android), BestBuy

Best price now: Amazon (Amazon’s Choice)


 1. BOSE QuietComfort 25

BOSE QC25 side | letskillthenoise.comBOSE QC25 front | letskillthenoise.comBOSE QC25 top | letskillthenoise.com

The latest model created by BOSE. I will review it soon, still trying it now. But so far, it is THE BEST NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES SET in the market right now.

Why choose this: best noise cancelling ever, comfortable, lightweight and you can even have a customised coloured version for about $100 more.

custom QC25 side  | letskillthenoise.comcustom QC25 front | letskillthenoise.com

If you want to play around with the Bose Headphones’ Editor click this link and then launch the design tool.

Where to buy: Amazon, BestBuy

Best price now: Amazon free shipping

8 thoughts on “5 Best Travel Headphones With Noise Cancelling 2018

  1. Doru

    Hi Alessio!
    Thanks for the review, but maybe you can help me 🙂
    I just bought a PS4 and I want to buy some wireless headphones and my first choice is the Sony PS4 7.1 Gold Edition.
    Can you give me another option, thanks!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Doru,
      honestly I’m not really into the gaming headphones. But I took a look and asked some friends that have this SONY headphones, and they are really happy with it.
      In my opinion the SONY PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset are a good choice if you are using it only for play with the PS4 (or PS3 o PSVita).
      I don’t like too much the design, but for $94 it is not bad at all. Good sound and good 7.1 Virtual Surround. Here is a link to amazon.com where you can find some pictures and review of the headphones. I didn’t try it, but I am satisfy with my SONY products, and the review for this are really good.
      But if you plan to use it outside your room, better go in other direction. I would pick BOSE for the quality, SENNHEISER for the durability and BEATS for the style.

  2. James

    Really good chart!
    At the end I bought the QC25! No regrets at all! The noise cancelling is something amazing. When I’m in my office it’s like to be alone!
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hey James!
      Yes, the QC25 are impressive. If you are looking for the best Noise Cancelling on the market right now, you’ve made the right decision!
      Keep me update about the impression you have in the long term!
      ~ Alessio


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