4 Easy Rules To Keep Your Headphones Looking Like New!

Do you take care of your headphones?

Headphones with noise cancelling are really expensive. It might be useful to treat them with some care. Some headphones are built to last while some don’t.

Pioneer SE 305 Stereo Headphones

Photo by: Anders Ljungberg // cc

Here I would like to share (and collect a few tips from you) that can increase the lifespan of headphones. Personally I had a couple of old headphones. I remember using the Pioneer SE-205 while listening to my father’s Beatles LP when I was 8. Now that I have my own Beatles CD, I no longer use the Pioneer headphones anymore but they are still in working condition and perfect shape!

What do I have to do?

Easy peasy. Just follow this few steps and your noise cancelling headphones will last forever! These tips work with old model headphones too!

 1. Wipe them regularly

Your headphones are dirtier than you can imagine. Think about every time you leave them on the table at McDonalds, or after the metro you use your hands to take them off.

Headphones Cleaner

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Keep the earpad clean by wiping them with a clean and soft cloth on regular basis. I prefer to wet slightly the cloth with warm water and mild soap (I think that MARSEILLE SOAP is the best and suitable for many uses), but you can choose to use a specific product LIKE THIS.

Next let your kit to dry in somewhere with no direct sunlight. Remember don’t put it directly under the sun!

If your earpads are made of eco leather or -especially- real leather, don’t use baby wipes. They will dry the leather out, on contrary they work great with silicon or plastic parts such as the earbuds and the cable.

2. Use a toothbrush


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Using a clean and soft toothbrush while cleaning your headphones is definitely a smart move. You can reach small places and remove bits of dirt and grime that is impossible to reach with a cloth. Avoid using metal pins or similar, they will scratch both the plastic and the metal parts. You can use a wooden toothpick instead. But be sure to be really really careful. It could scratch the surface too. Avoid totally if your headphones are glossy and shiny like the BEATS.

 3. Pull your cable in a proper way

The cable are always the main problem. Yanking on the cable is one of the main reasons why cable breaks. Pulling on the headphones jack of the plug when unplugging is the best way if you want your headphones cables to last longer. When the earphones are not in use, just wrap the cable as shown in the video below, it will save you time and you will not curse so much the next time you unwrap them.

Some brand offer you a huge selection of spare parts like BOSE does for the QC15 and QC20i. However the spare parts are usually quite expensive, so it’s better to take care of the original ones.

4. Store your headphones in dry places

Try to avoid high humidity in general. If the headphones are not build for the wet usage (water resistant or waterproof) it’s better to leave them at home if you are going to the steam room or for a long run.

When you are not using your NC headphones for a long period of time, be sure to remove the batteries (better if it’s fully charged) and store them in the supplied case. Many of the high level noise cancelling headphones comes with a -usually- very nice travel case. If not or if you lost it, think about investing some money and buy a new one.


Photo by: cobalt123 // cc

When storing your headphones for a long period, I suggest that you include one or two dehumidifying bags better known as SILICA GEL in the casing as well. You can buy them from amazon or supermarket. It is very common to find the Silica Gel in the new shoes box too. You can reuse it without problem.

The case comes useful for everyday usage too… My friend put his headphones directly in the backpack and they had scratches all over them thanks to the house keys.

And lastly for the earplugs, don’t squeeze it into your ear if it doesn’t fit well. Use a different sizes of plugs. If you don’t have any spare, you can buy some replacement earplugs HERE.

That’s it!! And you? Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to store or clean your headphones? Please, leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

3 thoughts on “4 Easy Rules To Keep Your Headphones Looking Like New!

  1. Colm

    Thanks for these really useful tips! Very cost effective too.

    I can’t count how many pairs of headphones I have broken over the years from just not looking after them properly. If I followed some simple care instructions like these, it’s a no brainer that I will extend their life.

    I love the one about removing the earphones using the jack not the wire … I have been very guilty of doing that one over the years for sure. No wonder I’ve broken a lot my headphones!

    1. Alessio Post author

      Hi Colm,
      there are many ways to protect your jack to break, in my every-day earplugs I’m using heat-shrinkable sleeves plus pull them from the jack and now is more than 2 years I’m using it!
      ~ Alessio


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